Savannah Loyd


of course we have school in Cheyenne today.
glasses and bunz for dayz Coach
waiting for alanaaaaaa.
we hate school.
dreading going to work. it's cold and rainy. Lazy Rain
Don't lose yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t care about losing you. ❤ Moving On
curly lockssss Longhairdontcare
yoga with the rockies
reppin my boys schooool :) UNC  GoBears
drinking coffee and watching anchorman. i have no lifeee.
scull shirt
going to napa.
sleepy cousin!
stuck in traffic :(
new sunglasses.
going to the beach.
stealing grapes from the vineyard!
boredum at its finest.
sleeepy mother and sleepy daughter
lunch time!
the city!
aye gurl.