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Love my Ham.
This is such an adorable woman! have only met her once today and she's amazing!
Build a dream board and take all obstacles aside and watch how they fall right into your life Check This Out
We are loved more than we can ever think!
Sup Delta. ;) k I'm going to try and sleep off being sick now. Tootle-loos you fart faces. :) Delta Love IHateBeingSick Freedomthinkers freebird travel traveltheworld
@juliatrotti Julia is truly my favorite photographer. Not only is she so talented but she is such an incredible person. When I had questions on photography she wrote me back. No other photographer has ever taken the time to write back. She's wonderful and go follow her asap! ShoutOut Gofollow Photography Inspiration beauty talent @juliatrotti creative beautiful supportive
It's just a bundle of fluff! :) Kittyrescue Kittykitty Herekittykitty Fluffball instagood instadaily rescue trooper strong adorable
Ok breathe! I gotta save a kitties life!
You know you're in the Lantz house when you're tripping over Nikes constantly. Nike Nikelove Athletics Athletes sports running sprinting buildingupstrongagain health fitwomen wannarace @nastyghost1
Eat healthy my loves. Instafood Fruits Apples Fall healthyeating healthychoice healthtips health
MCM goes to this hot piece of ass haha Outlander
Ham says GOOD MORNING AMERICA! :) America Oldenglishbulldog Bulldogs Animals adorable furryfriend aww instadog instabulldog petsofinstagram pets 3legs
New Sarbearsesh is up. Blog Bloggers Instablogger write read converse
Seriously, someone make the decision. IPhone Android Uuuuuh
The new book for the week. A Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E Frankl. My best friend @kellieconrow once said "If you can't find Sarah she's over in the corner reading." :) love you. I encourage all those around me and those I personally have not met to embrace the beauty of an incredible book and immerse yourself in it. Book Bookworm Greatreads Paperback whattoread inspirational sundayreading study cozy rest comfortable life live selfgrowth
Another shout out to @lilyelysebrady and working with me on my health as well since it's been a struggling with my food intolerances. She's awesome and so knowledgeable! Go try herbalife as well!! Exercise Gethealthy Healthytalk Healthyliving energy healthychoice gitfit fitfam selfmotiviation dreambig workout healthy getstrong healthtalk fitness eatclean runtime gymtime healthyrecipes fitwomen fitchicks fitchallenge strongwomen athletics athletes nutrition getstrong fitsaturday
Giving another shout out to @ferrisalicia and how much knowledge she's shared with me with her weekly healthy living emails. Go follow. FITSATURDAY Fitchicks Fitwomen Health muscle nutrition exercise gymtime eatclean healthtips weighttraining running fitfam fitness getfit training fitnessmotivation
UnderArmour Hottestsloganoutthere Iwillwhatiwant
Oh Hi, I have the best Aunt Ginger in the world! Thank you! @letter2elise21 your mamma is amazing.
You could say I need my best friend right about now. Bestfriend
One of my favorite keychains my mamma got me. ATL Travel Imissatl Atlanta traveling traveltheworld
Yep. Goodnight you little creatures. :)
I love meee hometurf. Utah Slc Hometurf Home isuckatflying snuggleup love night beddytime
Hey, I even gave attitude at Classic Skating on my birthday. I meant business. ;) TBT  Throwback Tubesocks haha Attitude sarbearsesh brat birthday laughs love memories goodtime instagood picoftheday
Hams allegiance is to the fly swatter. Haha Oldenglishbulldog Love Bulldogworldwide Bulldogs shedoesntmessaround 3legs mansbestfriend sarbearsesh laughs sleepy cutesycutesy
MotivationalMonday Go follow this girl! She is so amazing and her weekly health tip emails have been a life saver! @ferrisalicia Fitwomen Fitness Health knowledge follow follow @ferrisalicia
No sleep, 4am workout and all accomplished being oh so sick. DoWork Momentum Fitwomen Health buildingstrong workout music turnup running fitness productive
She doesn't mess around with bedtime. Sleepingwithawannabe300pounddog Oldenglishbulldog Bulldogs
Haha thanks to my mamacita for keeping thousands of these oldies. TBT  Throwback Nofilter Lasvegas vacations family @ginny_brimley
Don't get it twisted. We were indeed a bunch of punks. :) @crayseekc @chubchub808 Throwback TBT  Nofilter Family love comfort punks grandmashouse
Just thought I would remind people "Oh hey, death threats are NOT cool." -Sarbear
Hahahaha, come home to this beauty my little brother made me. How can a human being know me so well?! ;) made up for feeling so sicky today. Lilbro Bro Family Suchafunnykid laughs ipromisedhimiwouldntswear haha cantstoplaughing spongebob spongebobsquarepants love cute happy funny utah bestoftheday lantzlife @theflyyyy only if you would have had skills like this. ;)
Uncle Chuck approved. Health
I guess we'll throw this pic back into color. Rare, I know! I love black and white pics. Shall we throw it back to when I was a dedicated runner too? Haha Minischnauzer Athletic Beepbeep Running trackandfield athletics womenathletes throwback utah redue health strength instadaily picoftheday athlete
I truly want to thank my best friend @kellieconrow for discussing and going over the disagreement that an individual felt she needed to express about my blog. Let me clarify and be very thorough when I state this blog is about my own experiences that I was blessed to have because they opened up the opportunity to see beauty even during these circumstances. Has it taken time?...yes it has taken every second of everyday to see the beauty and some days honestly just suck. Kel Kel, you know my heart and soul and for those reading know everything I write is from an understanding and loving place. I am still growing and learning. I am not going to hide or sugar coat anything. I work everyday to strive to heal and not pass on the cycle of abuse. I still make mistakes but I've had to start somewhere. I still have not fully overcome but I strive for a better life. Love
My man crush Monday goes to my future honorable husband that will meet me here in like 4 years. K love you too. ;) MCM ManCrushMonday Slc Temple honorablemen utah instamood cutesycutesy strength honor instagood picoftheday lds slctemple Ps. Fun fact my father proposed to my mom flying over this temple. :)
Look at this little man building all sorts of stuff for me. Littlebro Builder Family Thankyou benthebuilder happy fam love littleman strong
Yep, I was able to wake up to these cutesy flowers...why you may ask? Because my UNCLE loves me and spoils me more than anything. :) I sure do love my Uncle Chuckers and his random daily texts and health tips and when I asked "How did you know pink was my fav color?!" He answered honestly and said "I didn't they just looked pretty." Haha he's perfect. Uncle Flowers Loved Kind spoiled goodmorning family heisstuckwithmeforever xoxo perfect
Giving a massive shout out to @mr_lyons. Not only is this man such an incredible artist and photographer but is truly one of the nicest human beings ever. Support him even more! You'll be hooked! Photography Utah Art ShoutOut nature instapic followhim photo repost creative
The man abruptly said " You aren't pretty enough." Awe, you foolish man as I gently walked away "life is a bitch baby. Now how can I serve YOU?" :) any man willing to play mind games has no grounds in my life. Real men are made not born. Goodmen Strongmen Honor Gentle comfort. Then rise up. This world wasn't meant to define us by looks or materialistic value. And my lovely women stop being gold diggers and love your men. goodwomen and never forget a woman who betrays another woman is not a good woman. yesallwomen allmen everyone truth love picoftheday beautiful instamood instagood
Dont mind my messy hair or my beautiful friend! I'll steam roll you. :) This is my best friend and little Jovi. Jovi was the first of Belinda's babies. She now has a family beautiful family of 3 and Kramer, you're awesome. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you. Ps this was the day my weirdo dad called me anorexic. Haha and I don't think we have ever felt more awkward in our lives. :) Bestfriends Iloveyou thank you for always loving me. Even when I am a raging tyrant. You are my best friend and I will always be at your side. Bestfriendsforeternity Love besties bff babies golore picoftheday family 10yearsbestfriends shoutout @lindabella1989 beautiful cute memories instagood photooftheday love happy funny life utah summer instadaily amazing swimming
Flash back Friday to when soccer tanlines were sexy. :) Littlegirls Soccer Flashback Tanlines  thunderthighs competive memories youngins love friday instagood summer fun bestoftheday life punks
Haha, I found a pic with all of us. ;) @yessee8 @ro.tonga @gyro_dpapa Dangthatstickfigurehasitgoingon Work
Utah Boldfacesunset Hometurf Love AND stop littering everyone! I don't want to see your cup of noodles cup on the side of the road, ok. :) over and out.
Not a black and white picture? Things just got real. Ilikejesus
Ham has a new bandana. :) Oldenglishbulldog Bulldog Bullies Animallover dog puppy love loveher strong 3legs bandana vibrant life
This was a freedom run to McDonald's for some freedom fries. Mcdonalds Freedomrun @yessee8 @kellieconrow @lindsayfullname
Team "Bear Eaters" were confident they would win Team "Sarbear"...needless to say...they lost haha. Teamsarbear Work @yessee8 @kellieconrow @suziexc @lindsayfullname and @leta801 you were on our team no battle. Ballers ;) Punks
@yessee8 little Mexico finally agreed on this photo after 9 retakes :) and Lindsay @lindsayfullname learned how much I don't like some people on our ride to McDonald's. :) @kellieconrow you just know me perfectly haha @ro.tonga @gyro_dpapa you belong in this picture as well!
@ro.tonga here you go :) 20 facts my lovelies. 1. I love my Ham. 2. Don't mess with my mamma! 3. I get sick flying. 4. Good thing I work for an airline, huh?? 5. I love Jesus talks with @ro.tonga. She's legit. 6. It's true little @yessee8 can out eat any man! 7. Im pretty sure I suck at cooking. 8. I can't eat all the nummies you regular folks do. 9. I used to be an extreme runner. ;) 10. I am 5'1" and a HALF! 11. People say I have an accent. 12. I go by Sarbear, Sar, Bear, Squarebear, Square, Beariavo but rarely ever "Sarah" 13. I love my birthdays! 14. I hate sleeping next to someone. 15. I have never had braces. 16. I love Utah and my hometurf. 17. The longest I've ever gone without sleep is 49 hrs. Nooo joke. 18. I was way sick today. 19. I have a ton of key chains haha. 20. You're welcome haha
Nap time. Oldenglishbulldog Animallover Pup Naptime bulldogs bulldog bulldogsworldwide 3legs unique dog ham love strong healthy stripes bighead instacool perfect
My beauty. Oldenglishbulldog
Happy 4th of July from the Lantz family. Ham Oldenglishbulldog Bulldog Bulldogs america freedom redwhiteandblue 3legs animal happydog puppy mypup happy love festive slc animallover
Home with my pal. Utah Oldenglishbulldog Bulldogsworldwide Bulldogs animallover ham strong 3legs instacool dog Hambacca pal home hometurf mypup
Coming out of New Orleans after bad weather grounded us. Delta Atlantabound Atlanta Headquarters fly travel wings sky
I spy with my little eye, HAM! Oldenglishbulldog Ham Abbey Dogs animallover love petlover bulldog bulldogsworldwide
We aren't happy today. Oldenglishbulldog Mypup 3legs Bulldogsworldwide famousbullies famousbulldogs bulldog animallover
One day away from my oaf and I can't wait to snuggle her chubby face. Oldenglishbulldog Bulldog 3legs Ham animallover bulldogs
Yesica was frantic! Haha love you girlie! Mexico W @h @yessee8
Thanks mamacita! Spoiled Loveher