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[ 2D & 3D Designer | Illustrator | Writter | Gamer | Longboarder | Collector ] Founder & Designer for Neo Ino & Tydus Clothing #neoino #tydus
Shades Of Grey
Home, The Setting Sun. Its been the worst few weeks ive ever experienced, havent been able to focus on anything. Seeing the sunset no this sunset somehow lets me escape from it. Sunset Evening End Day view vibrant
Childhood about to be re-lived :D i dont care if im "too old" im gunna have fun when i want to x) Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Childhood blue kyogre primal nintendo 3ds thepokemoncompany
Chilling in the new hang @roughtrade with my boi @colledge1994. This place is amazing, everything ive wanted to in place. New Hang Roughtrade Hockley coffee theboi
What i learnt about todays lecture on "Consumerism" 'Mo Money, Mo Problems'
It arrived ?@thedaimonbarber "Double Tooth Horn Comb" now my hair game will be at its peak ? Thedaimonbarber Comb Double Tooth horn pomade typography
Finally arrived. My Manfrotto tripod with my Sony DSC-QX10 mobile lens. Now i can take some awesome pictures when i start up my longboarding again. Damn winter is not the best time to skate xD Tripod Sony Qx10 Photography black longboarding adventure
Its here @colledge1994 Lets work our hair game. This pomade @thedaimonbarber is one of the best ive seen. Love the packaging and the amazing detail on typography. Pomade Hair No2 Thedaimonbarber blue 100g london typography
Day 7: I havent missed out any days, was just super busy working and training tried a varity of smoothies that i'll post in the next few days when i have them again... Todays smoothie, Chilli and Chocolate with 40g of @proteinworld banana slender powder. Have to admit this tastes soooo damn good and wakes you up in the morning. Smoothie Chilli Chocolate Banana proteinworld weight loss muscle gain super saiyan goal
Got my @justdrench bottle, lets beast mode this training Orange Lime Water Justdrench beast mode blue
Day 3: Apple, Kiwi, Spinach and 30g of @proteinworld Banana Slender powder. (This photograph doesnt do the intense greeness justice). Have to admit these smoothies are definatly tasty as fu**, great while weight training :D Apple Kiwi Spinach Banana proteinworld smoothie weight loss muscle gain super saiyan goal
Saw this little piece of art stuck in a telecommunication mast on my way to the city. Long gone by the time i got back home. Art doesnt last long hey...? Art Streetart Graffiti Morning card 3 diamonds nottingham
Day 2: Todays smoothie was Blueberry, Banana and Kiwi with 4 scopes of @proteinworld banana slender powder. I was in a hurry to get to todays lecture so forgot to take a picture. I assure you it tasted great ?Proteinworld Fitness Toogood Yum blueberry banana kiwi weight loss muscle gain super saiyan goal
Day 1: Kiwi and Kale smoothie Kiwi Kale Banana Proteinworld training weight loss muscle gain super saiyan goal
Got my @proteinworld package today. Cant wait to start the process of losing weight and building muscle :D Proteinworld Weight Loss Muscle building yellow branding super saiyan goal
Yum yum yuuuum, green tea Pocky :D Snack Food Pocky Green tea chinese
6th floor of the Victoria Centre car park, loved how empty is was. Car Park Halloween Antics empty
Mmmmmm grazing time x) Healthy Graze Food Sustain pack packaging branding
With my boi @colledge1994 coffee time. Coffee Costa Computer Arts branding headphone neoino
Get me through the night, amazing track. Deorro Fivehours Dycy Latenight track music
Prep time for my client meeting tomorrow. Need to get as much done for tomorrow for Tuesday Uni session. No sleep for me... for awhile ?? Prep Work Client Meeting latenight nosleep uni propcorn macbook pro apple
Destiny Space Map & Replica Ghost. Absolutly amazing quality in the replica and the map is a beautiful piece of design. Destiny Map Replica  Ghost ps4 gaming edition
Last delivery of the day. Destiny Ghost edition PS4. A very long wait for this game/collection. Worth it. Game Destiny Bungie Ghost ghostedition collectors space books lithographs replica branding packaging
Delivery Number 1 for today my brand new Macbook Pro 15". A wise investment for a designer, cant wait to use it for my work :D MacBook Pro 15 Apple delivery 1 design awesome newnews
Delivery Number 1 for today my brand new Macbook Pro 15". A wise investment for a designer, cant wait to use it for my work :D MacBook Pro 15 Apple delivery 1 design awesome newnews
Continuing with the collab project. Music, Pen & Paper... all you really need. Enjoying writing again, makes a difference that ive had two years worth of inspiration during the time out from this. Good to be back. Writing New Project Pod collaboration graphic novel back pen paper music umbrellaacademy notebook
Aatu Pepakura Helmet... DONE!!! Took some time to do it but listening to some good tunes gets you through it. Needs some serious work when it gets to the fibreglass resin stage. Aatu Pepakura Paper Project projectpod helmet fiddly done fibreglass resin stage1 itsbirdy neoino
WIP Aatu in a dynamic pose, trying to physically visualise the guy rather than mentally. This is going to be an amazing project :D《All illustrations are owned by @neo_ino》More coming soon. Aatu Dynamic Pose Illustrations  skecth quick 2min project comingsoon itsbirdy neoino
The postman brought me some awesome stuff today. My amazing digital illustration of Umbreon by @copicx awesome illustrator (i will unwrap when i have an appropriate frame, cant damage the awesomeness) and finally The new 52 Batman V1 The Court Of Owls. Been waiting to get this for awhile now, but its here :D Batman Umbreon Post Awesome goodday illustrations digital scottsnyder gregcapullo johnathanglapion copicx
Lazy Sunday at Home, love my view. Home Nottingham Sky Clouds trees houses sunday lazy view
Double Summer Rainbow Rainbow Light Spectrum Summer evening x2
Nottingham bound, byyeeeee Grantham. Next time i go to London, im making sure i go straight there with no changes. Hawks Awkward Nottingham Homebound finally train tracks
Leaving London alittle earlier than i would have liked to. Kingscross London Homebound Blue structure
Lunch time at the V&A with my cousin @aishasultan_as, this place is sooooo amazing and full of history. Will be frequenting more often when in London. V &a Lunch Food Foodporn
Found a Mummy, cant for the life of me remember his/hers name ?? Britishmuseum Mummy Mummification Crispyfresh
Orrery; amazing piece of astrological technology. Orrery Astrology Historical Technology
Jade turtle statue... I like turtles :D ? Jade Turtle Statue
Breaking my Fast with the plate of awesomeness made by my crazy cousin @mariumsultan. Loving this week in London with my family but not liking my cold ?? FamilyTime Food Ramadan  Cold london day2
At my Cousins in London for awhile. After a hectic week of exhibiting at New Designers a chill week with family is well deserved :D London Clouds Rain Evening chill family time Will be uploading all the New Designer pictures in the coming week, too lazy and tired to do it now xD Look out for the Timelapse video too ?
Sister went abit cray cray and made some cupcaaaaaakes with icing and sugered sprinkles of sorts :D Sister Cray Cakes Cupcake colours
After walking 10 miles today, coming home to see these pieces of awesomeness in the post made it all better. Cant wait to read/explore both of these books :D SignedCopy Endeavor Attackontitan Brynnmetheney concept art illustrations manga 10miles awesome spinoff noregrets levi neoino
Its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen im my life, Water Malon ontop of Water Maloooon xD
Tempting to take the longboard out for a spin while the Moon light is shining on another calm night. Midnight Moonlight Late Night early longboard mindless 12am
Business cards finally arrived from ready for New Designers Business Cards Holder Moo .com monochrome newdesigners london exhibition neoino
Ahhhhh relaxing on this nice sunny Sunday evening, continuing writing the collab project. Blue Sky Sunshine Evening nottingham neoino pod
A night of writing is in order, a great collaboration project that can finally be started! Cake Chocolate Book Writing pen paper neoino pod
Amazing Tune ? Headphones On, Volume Maxed... Jamming ? SamSmith Restart Inthelonelyhour
Time to get ready for the next adventure :D Japan Childhood Dream Far east asia
Beautiful Sunny Day In Nottingham, I Love This City Sky Blue Nottingham Sunny amazing nottscityrocks neoino
New addition to the Samsung collection, worth every penny paid for it :D NewNew Samsumg Galaxy Gear neo watch digital awesome
Been A Long Relaxing Sunday Sunday Relaxing Chillday Nottingham
Post 2: Newest edition to the ever growing collection of statues and figures. DC Comics, Variant Play Arts Kai no.1 Batman Limited Edition Version. DC Comics Variant Playartskai batman figure collectable statue linework illustration
Post 1: Newest edition to the ever growing collection of statues and figures. DC Comics, Variant Play Arts Kai no.1 Batman Limited Edition Version. DC Comics Variant Playartskai batman figure collectable statue linework illustration
New Mode Of Transport, Will be using this while im in London later this year, cant wait to cruise around on it & gathering inspiration for my summer projects :D Mindless Corsair Blue Longboard trucks wheels freedom awesome neoino blue 38inch inspiration project
New Art Books For The Ever Growing Collection Dragonball Akira Toriyama Naruto masashi kishimoto manga anime childhood awesome illustration neoino
Purdy Colours Blue Red Pink Green flowers lily fullbloom
Amazing Triumph Motorbike Nottingham Triumph Motorbike Black chrome
Vegetarian Omolette with Avocado and Baby Leaf Salad finished off with a light Hummus dressing Organic Vegetarian Nom Healthyeating omolette avocado salad
Loving this weather Nottingham Sky Blossom Tree homestreet
Another Beautiful Day In Nottingham Clear Sky Blue Sunrays sunset nottingham tuesday
Fuck Yeaaaaahhhh :D Naruto Shippuden  Ultimate Ninja storm 3 manga anime awesome true dispair soundtrack sasuke madara kabuto obito xbox bandai namco cards statue
It Arrived :D Naruto Shippuden  Ninja Storm 3 true dispair xbox awesome game obito madara sasuke kabuto
Lazy Sunny Sunday Blue Sky Sunday Sunny lazy blossum tree terraced houses mystreet nottingham