wild at heart and I like taking pictures. find me on instagram: @tinasandvik
20yrs🍾 Cheers Highlights Celebration Happy 20 Years  Girl Birthdaygirl Birthday Long Hair Women
havent posted in 6 months😱 Busy Life Fastlife University Girl Studying August Fun Love People Friday Party Time Happy
this night was a good one, ready for what 2017 brings and VERY ready for summer and better weather💖 Friendship Winter Girls Santa Police Party Happy Night Out Drinks Drunk Nights Happy People Fun Weekend Weekend Activities Mirror Mirrorselfie
saturdays.👌🏽 Weekend Best  Girl October Winter 2016 GoodTimes Letsparty Night Out Me :)  Mirrorselfie Posing
see ya soon, my dearest.😘 Happy People Somuchlove Boyfriend Lovely Baby September 2016 GoodTimes Love Happy Couple Weekend Best  Mine
long time no see¿ Girl Saturday September Smiling Selfie ✌ Weekend Lovely Party Night Out 2016 Happy People Letsparty
one year with my dearest❤️ he's s'cute. Waking Up To This  Happy One Year Summer Lovely August Boyfriend Flowers 2016 GoodTimes Somuchlove Baby
Me :)  Girl Summer Lovely Fun In The Sun June Summergirl  Happy People 2016 GoodTimes Pose Happy Wednesday Love Warm Life
enjoying the lovely weather 🌞 Girl Fun In The Sun Lovely Summergirl  Summer Friends Bikini 2016 GoodTimes June Happy People Warm Smile Monday Love Life
i love you! Party Drinks Boyfriend Weekend Happy People May 2016 Feelslikesummer GoodTimes Love MyGuy Couple Fun Somuchlove
good times w/ the homies Feelslikesummer Warm Drinking Drinks May Friends Lovely Weekend Spring Happy People Fun Party Letsparty Drunk Nights
positive vibes onlyy Girl Happy Pose Mirror Mirrorselfie 2016 GoodTimes Smile Tuesday Snapchat Me :)
SUPER happy today cause im done with most of my exams, its weekend AND bby is coming home for the weekend 💘 Happy Girl Me :)  New Hair Dyed Hair Change Weekend Lovely 2016 Friday GoodTimes Lucky Sun Weather Pose Dog Mirror April
back to the 80s! Party Drinking Friends 2016 Pink Mynameiskaty Drunk Nights April Girl GoodTimes Happy People
enjoying the very rare lovely weather in Bergen. Girl April Weather Dog Picnic Lovely Friends Dogs Hunter Baby Sun GoodTimes 2016 Fun
its my birthday todayy🌻 craziest thing to be so happy but still so empty, missing my boyfriend today❤️ he left for the military this morning, wishing him and myself the best og luck. may it be a good year. Birthday Girl Happy April Spring Monday Military Pose 2016 Birthdaygirl Week Mirrorselfie Smile Top GoodTimes Letslive Letsparty Moments
just barely excited before the concert last week. yes, it was awesome. Concert Lovely Fun Dancing Girl Excited Pose GoodTimes Friends Moments
Girl Serious February Winter Monday Boring
mine. Baby Bath February 2016 Boyfriend Loveyou Winter Best  Happy People Handsome Mine
Girl February Weekend Friday 2016 Wantsummerback Summergirl  Cold Rain Boring Pose Me :)
had such a great week in London! Happy People Girls Fun London Shopping ♡ Lovely Smile February Traveling England Good Times Drunk Nights Adventuring Willbemissed
had supa fun with my ladies yesterday 💓 london next! Last Night Girls Partying Somuchfun Good Times January Drunk Nights Friends 2016 London England Happy People Traveling Happygirl Cantwait Love Life
i've deleted my kik so i wont be available there anymore.. tb to summa lovin w/ my gals ❤️ Girls Summer Summertime Lovely Friends Happy People Good Times Adventuring Smiling Warm Days  Throwback Hawt
ur beautiful, winter. Winter Cold Happy People Adventuring Friends Mountains Snow 2016 Memories Lovely Fun Good Times
takin bath's w/ babyy. Cute Lovely Bath TBT  LastYear Bubble Bath Boyfriend Best  MCM Love Happy People Mine
late last night when my friends and I took this funicular up a mountain and used tobaggans to get all the way down again 😄 Fun Happy People Tobagganing Scary Mountains Snow Cold Friends View Late Night Dark Citylights City Light January 2016 Love Life
too busy having fun to take any pics last night, so here's a very drunk Tina waiting for a burger in the middle of the night. Last Night So Much Fun NeonParty Neon Glowsticks Party Nightout Friday Weekend Happy People Funtimes Good Times Drunk Friends Crazy Moments Crazy Party Winter January Girl Smiling
specialist at mirrorselfies 😜 Girl Mirrorselfie January Winter Wantsummerback GoodTimes Serious Shorthair Student ReadyForSummer Happy People Me :)  Selfies Tuesday
there isnt anyone more annoying silly or better, so much love for this guy. Boyfriend Silly Cute Couple GoodTimes Smile Happy Winter People Thisguy Love Best  Weekend Happy People Mine
who's going out tonighttt? me🙋🏻 Party Girl January Nightout GoingOut Fun Friends Saturday Weekend Lovely Winter Happy People Pose Smile GoodTimes Happy
back to school after a great christmas holidayy School Girl Reading Student Cold Weather Ice Studying Winter January Wednesday Thrilled Books Nerd
feelin the cravings Christmastime Girl Dress Serious Mirror Family December Holidays Winter Happy Selfies Lovely Hungry Food
merry christmas ☃ Girl Happy Smiling Christmastime Fun Bathroom Selfie Olympus Camera Winter Holidays December Lovely Happy People Family
only one day left. Selfie ✌ Girl Mirror Duck Christmastime December Holidays Winter Pose Shorthair Smiles Monday Tired Home I Miss Summer
winterwonderland ❄️ Winter December Christmas Time Cold Adventure Friends Mountains Tuesday Smiles Happy People Lovely Girl Jumping Laughter
heyy partyppl, if u know how to write/speak spanish then kik me😁😁😁 Kik Kikme Spanish People Only Hehe Mirror Girl Downtoearth Okay Winter December Thursday Selfie ✌
my partner in crime,, bestfriends since third grade💘 Bestfriend Polefitness Pole Girls Dancing Fun Bestest  Wednesday WCW Loveyou Hobby Training December Winter Bae  Happy People Smiles
ManCrushMonday Bae  Dog Hunter Boyfriend Winter December Bestest
mocking jay part two and party at Btown tonight 🍾 Girl Saturday Mockingjay Party November Mirror Friends GoingOut Nightout Happy People Winter Weekend
dancin poleee😋 Polefitness Pole Poledance Girl Fun November Smile Dancing Having Fun Crucifix Training
this dude is the cat's meow and the bee's knees 😋 Thankful Boyfriend Happy People Polaroid Awkward Ohwell November Winter Girl Boy Couple He's The Best Love
throwin it back to last year and beg for that time wont move on so quickely 😩🙏🏼 Girl Last Year Selfies Throwback Fierce Brown Eyes Eyes Duckface Friends Happy People Miss
Tgif Girl Downtown November Weekend Friday Top Rough Whynot Party Time Friends Selfies
threw a surpriseparty for this guy this weekend 💞 Happy People Birthdaykid Boyfriend Loveyou Fun Party November Smiles Friends Weekend
last night's festivities 🕸 Girl Halloween Redlips Police Party 2015  Fall Costume Saturday Goodbye October
Halloween Girl Costume Police October LastNight Party Fall 2015  Drunk Nights
my mom takin sneakpics.. tonight will be fun!🎃👮🏽 Halloween 2015  Fall Girl Partytime Saturday Cops Sneakpic October Cold Days
oh... and also i got caught taking a selfie today 😂🔫 Selfies Awkward Ohwell October Weekend Lovely Friday Partytime Girl Fall
hahah these snapchat updates... if only my face was this thin 😋 Weekend Lovely Snapchat Girl Strike A Pose! Friday Happyhalloween October Happy Happygirl