Samrat Roy

Photography Enthusiast. Being surrounded by so many Fascinating things I love to click and collect the insights of anything around me.
Samrat Roy
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Scenic view of lake against sky
Trees on field against sky
Close-up of yellow rose flower
Close-up of chess pieces against blurred background
Full frame shot of stone wall
High angle view of fruits on table against black background
Low angle view of birds perching on pole
Low angle view of statue against blue sky
Side view of man jumping against trees
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
Full frame shot of patterned wall
Midsection of man on field against sky
Close-up of green bottle against black background
Close-up of toy car on field
High angle view of stuffed toy on field
Close-up of dry leaves on ground
Full frame shot of wooden floor
Low angle view of old ruins against sky
Exterior of old abandoned building
Close-up of statue
Portrait of beautiful woman at home
Close-up of text on table against black background
Rear view of people walking on footpath
Bare tree on field against sky
Silhouette boat in river against sky during sunset
Low angle view of building against sky
People in boat at lake against sky during sunset
Silhouette of suspension bridge at sunset
Portrait of man photographing
Silhouette bird on rock against orange sky
Low angle view of silhouette tree against sky at sunset
Close-up of white flowering plant
High angle view of orange rose in market
Young man photographing on field
Low angle view of bird perching on branch against sky
Low angle view of birds flying in the sky
Close-up of white flowering plant
Portrait of a smiling young woman
Low angle view of sunlight streaming through bare tree
High angle view of old water
Light trails on street at night
High angle view of hole on metal
Bicycle on field against clear sky
Low angle view of suspension bridge against sky
Old window of abandoned building
Close-up of pink cosmos flower