Melbourne πŸŒ™ 23 ⭐️ black everything 🌸 Kik: sammiedela Instagram: sammiedelataco
Mother Mothernature Beautiful Lake Love
Pretty Flower Springtime Plants Outdoors
Clouds And Sky Pretty Weather Sunset
Mermaid Hair Longhair Pretty
More photos with babes! Same face everytime 😞 Hanging Out Girls Babe Cute Love Sexygirl
Went out in Saturday with all the babes πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜πŸ’• Babe Cute Girls Today's Hot Look Sexygirl
That's Me Selfie Girl Cute
Messy Hair Hair Curly Hair Love Selfie
Today Weather Winter Plants Trees Rain Pretty
Cat Baby Love Sleeping Cute
Pretty Nature Plants Cute Love
Pills Medicine Sick Sadness Bed
Pretty Walking Around Sunny Day Love Plants
Nature Park Plants Walking Around Exercise Pretty
KAWAII Girl Selfie Cute
Sky Clouds Sunset Beautiful Pretty Nature Melbourne
It's so hot but I feel a bit unwell so I can't get into my pool T__T That's Me Girl Hot Pool Hanging Out
Sleepy Girl Selfie That's Me
Can't wait to go home :c feels like I'm on holiday by myself half the time :( That's Me Selfie Holiday Sad Friends should talk to me!
Cute fairy lights through the canopy as I lay in bed ^_^ Cute Lights Bed Lovely
From An Airplane Window Holiday Clouds Beautiful
I am so goddamn Pale Selfie Girl Cute
Crazy hair Selfie Hair Girl That's Me
Found old selfies! ✨?✨ Selfies Drinking Hanging Out Enjoying Life
My girlfriend is the cutest Babe Cute Girlfriend Love
I miss the cold and rainy season ?βš‘οΈβ˜οΈβ˜”οΈ Selfie Rain Storm Sad
That's Me Enjoying Life Old Party
Babe Sexy Girl Hot Love i have one of the most amazing friends !
My room ??? Room Light Cute Adorable
My room is too bright for my lazy way of life Selfie That's Me Light Room
Selfie That's Me Girl Party
Party Girl Hot Enjoying Life
Vodka Skull Best  Love
Wife Selfie Drinking Hi!
Flowers Backyard That's Me Morning
Daisy Flowers Relaxing Pretty
Cat Plants Pretty Love
Glass Art Cool Love
Got a lil bit drunk last night Cigarettes Smoke Selfie Girl
Drinking Love Birthday That's Me
The babes Party Birthday Drinking Love
Follow Me on Instagram please guys ???? Instagram That's Me Selfie
Summer is coming >:) That's Me Girls Check This Out
Selfie That's Me Pretty Party
Girlfriend Drunk Adorable Love
Drinking Enjoying Life Hi! That's Me
Good morning! ^_^ Morning Sun Trees Pretty
Selfie Bathroom University Break
School makes me sleepy and hungry University Class Bottle Hungry
My fur baby Cat Love Baby Fluffy
Quick blurry photo before uni ^_^ School That's Me Selfie Girl
I miss my long hair so much! :o Hair Girl Selfie Sleepy
IKEA Food On A Date Girlfriend
Drank drank drank Drunk Girl Body That's Me
Selfie Girl That's Me Hi!
Adventure Time Girlfriend Babe Love
Black & White Selfie That's Me Sunglasses
Selfies for dayz Selfie Relaxing Hi! That's Me
Party Selfie Taking Photos Hanging Out
Flowers Beautiful Favorite Pretty
Milk and Cookies ! Delicious Yum
Drinking Cocktails Drunk Delicious
Bleeeeh I need to lose weight :( That's Me Fit Taking Photos Body
Fav cardi ? Taking Photos Hi! That's Me Selfie
Sleepy Selfie That's Me Hi!
Eeeeep I love her so much Hanging Out Enjoying Life That's Me Hi!
Baby Love Starting A Trip Beach
Sunset Beautiful City Melbourne
Boots and bitches Fire Warm Cute Relaxing
Cute birthday lunch for my babe Birthday Breakfast Cactus Beach
Someone Kik me please bcoz can't sleep and you should totally say hello to me ^_^ Hello World Sleep Chat
Someone should really take the camera away from us ? ? ? Taking Photos Hanging Out Enjoying Life Hi!
More weekend spam sorry guys ??? Babe Drunk Love Enjoying Life
Cute Girlfriend Drinks Girl
Selfie Girl Sunglasses That's Me
Selfie That's Me Lips Girl
Girls Enjoying Life That's Me Drunk
Romantic showers while the powers off ? Water Candle Light And Shadow Naked
Hottie Girlfriend Drunk Enjoying Life
Babe Kiss Selfie Clubbing
Girl Myself Selfie Love
Selfies with the bae Girlfriend Babe Sexy Girl
Ring Pretty Jewelry Cute
Sand Magic Hour Light Glass
Red wine beef with garlic mash :D Healthy Food Delicious Hungry
More Chocolate Milk Delicious Yummy
Room is so cosy right now Room Window View Cat
I love youuuuu Chocolate Delicious Food Love
The light is so nice out the back Smoke Light Cloud Pretty
Movie night with my gf ;) Movies Sweet Girl Food
Red all the things Red Nails Hair Lips
I love her so much Love Girlfriend Babe Girl
??? Dinner Friends City Selfies
Selfie Going Out KAWAII Girl
Hair New Red Selfie