Samantha Burket


Check This Out it's a Nasty Scary Spider that was In My Room
Capture The Moment Playing Outside and her pants Felldown! Silly Daughter Mylove
Glitch Daughter Blackandwhite Photography Oops! Messup Stillcute
Glitch I dropped my phone as I was taking a Picture of the Changing Seasons and it made the leaves look Swirly
Capture The Moment Firstslide Daughter Playground Playing Slide Tubular Mommyanddaughter Mommyanddaddy
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity This should restore your faith in humanity because it shows that family isn't always blood and it IS possible to love a step child like your own. He stepped up and loves her unconditionally. First Eyeem Photo Love ♥ Daddy Daughter Daddy's Girl Forever Happiestplaceonearth