Trudy Coyle ~The Spirit Keeper


Shamanic Artist & Taxidermist.
Small carved bone turtle, wooden beads, hemp cord & vertabrae closure. 1 only. North Wales Samansoul Bone  Turtle Shamanism Northwales Wildlife & Nature
Little carved bone Whale tail, with glass crow bead, plaited hemp corr, & vertabre closure. Bone  Samansoul North Wales Thespiritkeeper Wildlife & Nature Shamanism
Almost finished..a little carved bone turtle pendant im working on, 2nd one today. Turtle totems remind us to slow our lives down & to admire the view 😊 North Wales Thespiritkeeper Spiritual Samansoul Turtle Shamanism Bone
Wild Stag Antler & Wolf Rattle, Available to buy. Thespiritkeeper Shamanism Deer Antler North Wales Spiritual Ritual
Tawny owl antler pendant Thespiritkeeper Samansoul Owl Deer Antler Shamanism Wildlife & Nature Northwales WoodLand Sold
Hand carved Wild Stag Antler walking Stick handles. Samansoul Thespiritkeeper North Wales Professional Owl Walking Around
Before & After repair by Samansoul Thespiritkeeper Wildlife & Nature WoodLand Roe Deers North Wales Wild Professional
Wild Stag Antler Spirit Doll by The Spirit Keeper Thespiritkeeper North Wales Samansoul Spiritual Shamanic Deer Antler Wildlife & Nature
Smudging fans ... Thespiritkeeper Samansoul Shamanism Ritual occult crow magpie mallard
I had compamy whilst eating my sandwich.... Northwales Gulls Seagulls Carpark Samansoul Thespiritkeeper Urben Wildlife Thespiritkeeper North Wales
My little snakey, "Spirit" in his new home and hide. He looks so tiny, but he'll soon grow big like my other Corn snakes.
Squirrel Jaw Bone Earrings..not yet added to the Web shop! Thespiritkeeper Spiritual Shamanic WoodLand squirrel bones teeth weird
Spiritual Shamanic Stag Thespiritkeeper samansoul stag antler human bone unique
Carved Buffalo Tooth pendant, with its own medicine bag for storage when not in use. The Owl is just 10 mm high. The tooth is just under 50 mm. Available in the website store. samansoul, Thespiritkeeper , buffalo, totem, spiritual
Peregrines never cease to amaze me...Such beautiful birds. This is one I've just completed all but a tiny bit more work. Thespiritkeeper , Spiritual Falconry , samansoul, wildlife Northwales
Barn owl says it all! Spiritual , Thespiritkeeper Owl , animism, taxidermy
Another view showing the detail in this piece. Barn owl, antler, Spiritual ,Thespiritkeeper , samansoul.
Have loved working with this Red Deer antler, hand carved by myself. More info available on,, samansoul
It's fab to be able to help a living creature, this fellow had had a bit if a scare ( see 'Two boots ,four paws' on the website). I think the smell of meaty cat food was just too good to miss!
All together again. The beautiful wild cat skin which i repaired has turned out pretty good I think. Restoration & Repair by
Why pets and taxidermy rarely mix... Thespiritkeeper wildcat taxidermy Africa
Another peep at work in progress Thespiritkeeper Owl Owlstaff Shamanic
Another peep...
Worth thinking about. ..
A whole new meaning to pointing the finger...wear this carved willow 'witch's finger round your neck instead. Witch , Finger , Halloween , Wiccan willow
Greater Spotted Woodpecker. Finished and ready for sale. nature, wildlife, Thespiritkeeper
Greater Spotted Woodpecker (F) now ready to putt up for sale. woodpecker wildlife