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same id on many others app! find me! 😊
Hellloooo ?? Smile Hello World I'm Back ?
a view right now from the 22nd floor :p Just For Fun Buildings
Someone told me that the beauty of a model its just fake, not real.. do you agree with that statement? Hello World Its Me Lovely Smile
Photo session Hello World Its Me Beautiful Smile :)
Happy 1st bday my little man! :* I love you soooo much Sweet Child Kids Children Happybday
Even with the all ups and down in life... Always stay positive :) Hello World Smile EyeEm Best Edits Selfie
Just found my pic when I was at Senior high school, it's about 15 years ago (the left side) :D and me now (the right side) haha Just For Fun
Tired and sleepy but feel happy and excited! Noedit Lovely Smile
Path to heaven? Sky Porn Sky And Clouds EyeEm Best Shots
Not my pic, but would like to share this pic n the quote :) Best Friend Quotes Friends
Hello World That's Me :) Smile and say Cheese! :)
When I think about you :) :D :p so cuteee face of baby Christo! I love you so much dear :* :* EyeEm Best Shots Children Photography Hi! Family
Really like this innocent and cute face :-) ❤ EyeEm Animal Lover EyeEm Best Shots Noedit Canon
Cheers :D my baby, Christo (10months), really brave and happy :D Happyyyyy weekend :) :D Canon EyeEm Animal Lover EyeEm Best Shots Noedit
Why you don't want to look at me? :( Realllyyyy want to see your beautiful eyes and smile..... Noedit EyeEm Animal Lover Canon
love me or hate me, both are in my favor. if you LoVe me, i'll always be in your heart. if you HaTe me, i'll always be in your mind :) --William Shakespeare Selfie Hello World That's Me Noedit
can't stop missing you... Flower Collection Flowerporn NofilternoeditEyeEm Best Shots - Nature
precious moment, precious people in my life ❤ happy bday my hubby, we love you sooo much ❤ Family Moneycantbuyyouthis Canon Happy
after party! :) Selfie Hello World Lovely Smile
Hello World That's Me on vacation :) Relaxing and Beautiful Day :)
beautiful place in Indonesia --Sarangan Lake, East Java. Come to visit :) EyeEm Best Shots - Nature Canon HDR EyeEm Best Edits
would love to listen the music of your heart... ❤ HDR Street Photography EyeEm Best Edits this awesome pic belong to @bloodshot Thankss so much Mikeee :) for all :)
hold my hand, stay in my heart, and don't let me go ❤ Canon EyeEm Best Shots Children Photography
just feel happy :) Nofilter#noedit That's Me Holiday Selfie
just Smile whatever happens to you! happy long weekend :) Noedit Selfie That's Me
I believe... everything happens for a reason.. People change so I can learn to let go.. More over, life is about moving on, accepting change, & looking forward to what makes me stronger and more complete.... :) ❤ EyeEm Best Shots - My Best Shot Editingmood Babies ♥♥♥ Lookingup
happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them. keep your mind positively. keep smiling :-) Me Smile Lovely Hello World
Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness ❤ --Steve Maraboli -- Flowerporn Flower Collection EyeEm Best Shots Noedit
Happiness is not determined by what's happening around you, but rather what's happening inside you! ♥ Smile Me Noedit Portrait
My prince and me ♥ love you so muuuch :* Vacation Family Canon Noedit
Helloworld I am Christo (4 months) ^_^ Baby Kids Children
Helloo there ^_^ this is me :) Noedit Selfie Beautiful Smile
my first girl! love her so much! ♥ Children EyeEm Best Shots Kids Traditional
have fun with girls! \(^_^)/ Noedit Funtimes Children Selfie
this is it! Jeanie Secret Recipe! the first branded melted brownies! yummm! further information visit Food Porn Noedit Brownies In My Mouf special for you guys @SimSin @blackluna @JakeR
my prince and I ♥♥ That's Me Hanging Out Hello World Enjoying Life
Lovely and cute.. even you have no smile ♥ Noedit Kids Candid Canon
Really HOT today! Lets swim! \(^_^)/ EyeEm Best Shots Canon Candid Kids
My girls: (left) Charity and (right) Charis ♥♥♥♥ Kids Canon Siblings Sisters
Love to see your smile, my Princess Charis ♥♥
Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :) :D Ballerina Kids Smile Colorsplash
Me Myself Selfie :)
Baby Mybest_portrait Mybest_shot Littlecutebabies lcbnew
This is my little girl with her ballet teacher.. she gave an instruction to my little girl before a photo session, as a little ballet model (3 y.o.) Ballerina Kids HDR
Hello there! :D Baby Cute Adorable Mybest_portrait mybest_shot
Say "cheese" Adorable Cute Lovely Kids
They are my life! Thank you so much for giving them to me, God! :) :)
Candid Canon Picoftheday Mybest_moment mybest_portrait smile lovely cute
Smile Kids Happy Cute mybest_portrait swimming