Lars Rehm


I write about cameras and smartphones and take lots of pictures. Current location: Madrid, Spain
FITUR Madrid SPAIN Madrid SonyXperiaZ3
Vigilante SPAIN Madrid Museum
Post-lunch walk in El Retiro
Madrid! SPAIN Madrid Motox2014
Kletterfelsen Pfalz Deutschland. Dein Tag Climbing Palatinate #iphone6plus
Beach evening Sonyxperiaz2 Snapseed SPAIN València
Staircase Madrid SPAIN Architecture
Architecture_bw Nexus6 Madrid
Puerta del Sol Christmas Madness Nexus6 Madrid SPAIN Christmas
Munitionsfeldbahn Germany Pfalz Iphone6plus
Festival der Lichter Iphone6plus Germany Pfalz
'Noche' by Antonio Lopez
Madrid por la noche Nexus6 Madrid SPAIN
Zona Uno Nexus6 Madrid SPAIN
Abend auf der Burg Motox2014 Germany Pfalz Castle
Kugelhaus Snapseed Germany Pfalz Jockgrim #ludowici
El Brillante Madrid SPAIN Motog
Snow on the last day in Germany Iphone6plus Germany Pfalz
Bjorn Dahlem - Black Hole Madrid SPAIN Nexus6
Herbst in der Pfalz Motox2014
Lunch trip to Madrid Sonyxperiaz2 Backgrounddefocus Madrid SPAIN #paella