I'm just an amateur who loves a good photograph. I dont really use digital cameras, just my cellphone.
Summer Views Tulipmania That's Me Summer Nature Flowers Exhibition Sentosa Singapore
Shades Of Grey Coffee Cafe Tea Time Cafe Break Vintage
Beautiful Architecture
The Moon is bright tonight...
Hanging Out
Lord Shiva
Shades Of Grey Summer Girl Beach Seashore Boardwalk Nature Sailing Boat Sea
Relaxing Beach Sea Seaside Seashore Nature Sailing Boat Sailing Changi Boardwalk
Old Holland Road, Singapore Roads
Hanging Out
Lord Shiva
An american family places flowers at a statue of Lord Ganesha
Summer Views Seaside Seashore Beach Girl Black Dress Summer Sunshine Enjoying The Sun
Grafitti Backstreets & Alleyways Late Night Outings 🌃
Back To School
How's this for an iPhone cover?