Hello from Yokohama, Japan!(^^)! All snapshots are from my everyday life. Taken with my smartphone and Nikon D90.
Outfitoftheday Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier I Love My Dog Puppy Love Hanging Out
New family member, Mel♡ Puppy Love I Love My Dog Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier
A shiny weekend after a long rain! Waterfront Hello World Taking Photos Hometown Blue Sky
art aquariumもういっちょ Goldfish Aquarium Getting Inspired Relaxing Quality Time
Hello cutie♡ Hello World Quality Time Aquarium Getting Inspired Relaxing Goldfish
Live To Learn Aquarium
Sitting since 1252, watching how our country has changed so much !鎌倉の大仏さま My Country In A Photo Statue Historical Monuments History Through The Lens
坂の上の雲。Hiroshima, Japan . Getting Inspired Historical Building Light And Shadow EyeEm Best Shots Rows Architecture
Istukushima shrine in Hiroshima Learn & Shoot: Layering Historical Building World_heritage Shrine Japan
shaved ice - sweet green tea with sweet adzuki beans Food Porn Awards Japanese Sweets My Favorite
Lookingup Summer Views Historical Building EyeEm Nature Lover Summer2015 Japan
Relaxing Hello World Historical Building Window View EyeEm Nature Lover Summer Views Japan
平家物語ワールド(*^^*) Taking Photos Window View Sea View Historical Building Japan EyeEm Best Shots
京都の思い出(^-^) Taking Photos Japanese Garden Relaxing Enjoying Life EyeEm Nature Lover
Food Porn Awards Japanese Sweets Tea Time
Food Porn Awards Japanese Food Soba Hello World
富士山 On The Road Mountain Mt. Fuji Japan From A Moving Vehicle
Shinkansen bullet train. On The Road
Summer days Waterfront Summer2015 On A Stroll Enjoying The Sun Bicycling
後ろで踊っていた中学生位の男の子から、「お姉さん、踊りキレッキレですね!」と眩しい笑顔で声を掛けられ恥ずかしくなるハプニング(笑)Bon Dance Summer2015 Enjoying Life Hanging Out
Faces Of Summer Summer2015 Festival Bon Dance Fun!
Japonism Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Summer2015 Hot Day My Country In A Photo
This city knows every step of my life. :)最近、外国語しか聞こえない… Hanging Out Enjoying Life City Life
Sunshine ! Summer2015 Walking Around Rays !
Faces Of Summer Hot Day no, she was like this...(´ー`)
seeing my brother off At The Airport . Going Up Getting Inspired
Sunshine in my room. Flowerpower Flower Collection Yellow Flower In My Room
City Jungle Surrounded Skyscrapers My Country In A Photo Mypointofview
Nature On Your Doorstep My Country In A Photo City Jungle
Aerial Shot Sunset Sunday Afternoon
Festival! A Summer time fun. My Country In A Photo Hello World Discover Your City Festival
catching the wind. Being A Beach Bum Lookingup Mypointofview Hello World
EyeEm Best Shots - Architecture Lookingup The Architect - 2015 EyeEm Awards Nikond90
The Architect - 2015 EyeEm Awards Lookingup Skyscrapers Mypointofview Discover Your City EyeEm Best Shots Nikond90
Tallships Blue Sky Sunny Day Mypointofview
Tallships Mypointofview Sea And Sky Getting Inspired
よーこーはーまーそごー♪○時をお知らせします。 From The Rooftop Discover Your City
Farm Vegitables Feeling Thankful Fresh
My kind of secret garden to visit daily.:) Drinking A Latte Cafe Relaxing Favorite Places Mypointofview
My Country In A Photo Getting Inspired Favorite Places Tallships Hello World
Quality Time Music Relaxing Getting Inspired
Local fishermans wharf Favorite Places Sea And Sky
My Hobby to visit new places to learn new things. Museum Getting Inspired That's Me :)
step in time The Good Old Days Getting Inspired Train Museum
Kabuki time:) Showtime Theater Curtain Call Favorite Places
連休最後はお散歩で(^-^) Discover Your City Shilouette Sailing Ship
prosto! at ヨコハマフリューリングスフェスト Having Fun Beer Time Festival
Just hanging around.:) White Architecture Airport
Looking Into The Future Hanging Out Airport
Streetart Love Is In The Air