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Loves to meet new people and expert photographer who can teach me more
Night City🌙 / Road / Street Light / Out Door  / Motion
No Filter / NoEdits  Just Photography
Shoes For Today
My Phone Cracked
Me At Work:)
Indoors  Close-up No People Table Lighter Zippo Lighter
Reflection On My Phone..
Worker At Work / Construction Site / 42 Degree Temp 😥😰
Ice Scream / Summer Days 😁💕🌻☁ / Treat Your Self / Yummy Ice Cream!
The Drive
It's Me!!!!!
Day To Day Life / Studying
Beautiful Nature
Random Shots Matchsticks
Check This Out That's Me :) How Do I Look?
The Week On EyeEm
The Week On EyeEm
Bored As Hell!
Vegetables Of EyeEm
Me And My Two Watch 😂
No Edit/no Filter Night Lights Driving Around
Hairstyles By Me
Wonderful Day Today
1980's  / Old Time / Cartoon Network
Road To No Where
Selfie ✌ / Selfi With Friends At Collage / Todays Hot Look / Just Taking Photos
Randomshot / Check This Out / Me With My Friends
Path To My Destination !!!! YaY!!!!! Going To Meet My Friend Finally !!!!
Me Myself And I Takings Photos New Look ! Going Back To Home
Me ......
My 5th Standard Hobby !!!!!!
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Todays Evening
From My Point Of View Todays Weather☁☔ Going Back To Home Natural Beauty
Relfections Myphone In My House
Randomshot / My Watch / What's The Time?
Streetgraffiti/ MyCity❤️/ Streetphotography
Beautiful Day / Good Morning / Check This Out / Natural Beauty / Sky
Check This Out/ Taking Photos/ Good Morning/ Brautiful Day
Are u kidding me???wtf??..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Clicking Photos It's Me :) Random Shots Todays Hot Look
Relaxing @ Home Clicking Photos
Streetphotography My Street Streetart Streetart/graffiti
Just Taking Photos............
Night Lights
Check This Out Relaxing @ Home Good Morning......... to all my friends on EyeEm....... cheers to you you may have a good day....... 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄
Check This Out / Taking Photos at school farewell....... last day of school.... gonna miss you guys........
Check This Out / It's Me :) / ıt's Business Time/ Taking Photos....... ? ? ? ?
Open Edit/Make It Yourself / My Classroom........ how we study when almost all class are full and want to share writing space with ?