Rubab R Ali


Pakistani. Army brat. Chai a holic. Book a holic. pluvio-bibliophile. Wants to travel the world.
Rain Umbrella Morning Weather
Lahore Embroiderywork Art Is Everywhere
Lahore Market Bazaar
Life's Journey
Mushaf Quran
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Saifalmalook Narankaghan KPK Pakistan
Reflections Rain
Rain Umberella
Saifulmulook Saifalmalook Narankaghan KPK Pakistan
Saifulmulook Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Southeastasia
Saifalmalook Saifulmulook Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Southeastasia
Studying Studymode Exams Papers
BabusarTop Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Self Southeastasia People And Places
BabusarTop Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Southeastasia Selfportrait People And Places Myyearmyview
Saifulmulook Saif Ul Muluk Saifalmalook Saiful Maluk Lake KPK Narankaghan Pakistan Southeastasia Myyearmyview
Balakot KPK Pakistan
BabusarTop Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Trip2016
Lulusarlake Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Trip2016
Lulusarlake Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Trip2016
BabusarTop Narankaghan KPK Pakistan Trip2016
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Independence Day 14august Pakistan Azaadi Freedom Pakistan Zindabad <3
14august Independence Day Pakistan
Pakistan Independence Day 14august Coloroflife
Shrine of Bibi Masooma'e Qom (Bibi Fatima Binte Musa Kazim) Qom Iran
The summer fruit. ❤ Fruit Watermelon🍉
PlumsmoothieDrinks Fasting Ramazan
Sunset Evening Sky Settingsun Melancholy Peace And Quiet Silence
Nature Pomegranate
Dua'e Kumail Dua Hazrat Ali
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Flowers,Plants & Garden
Come walk in my shoe. And see the world. The way I see it. The way I feel it. Come walk in my shoe. Road Jogging Sneakers Trainers
A bug's life. Bugslife Coloroflife
The night was crawling unto the day. Everything was quite and serene. The world was falling into silence. All was well. Peace And Quiet Lahore Pakistan
And the setting sun taught me humility. Nofilter Evening Sky Lahore Pakistan
Let me flee, let me soar let me touch the mighty sky And let me see how small i was, Before i got these wings to fly My Best Photo 2015 Airplane Airport Quetta Pakistan
There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. -Walt Streightiff Cats
Pizza Food
Men who dont like cats will come back as mice in their next life :P Cats
Rain Lahore Pakistan
There is enough life for those who wish to see-Imam Ali Nofilter
Everyday Joy
Everyday Joy Coloroflife
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