i love gaining new friends, loves to SELFIE and taking photos. im sweet and proudly GAY.. hope i can meet someone will inspire me..
Hi! People Mobilephoto Enjoying Life jogging at Iloilo Esplanade.. Iloilo City Phils.
Hi! Cheese! Enjoying Life People Happy Eating with Happy people.. from City Of Love. Iloilo City, Philippines.
Mobilephoto Cheese! Eyeem Philippines People costume from Iloilo Dinagyang Festival. a Feast which is held every January. CITY OF LOVE!.
Mobilephoto Check This Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life View from Esplanade.. Iloilo City Philippines.! The City Of Love.
Mobilephoto Travelling Relaxing Cheese! we used to jog here in Esplanade Iloilo City Philippines.
Travelling Eyeem Philippines Mobilephoto Check This Out St. Anne Parish Church or Molo Church. Iloilo City, Philippines!
Mobilephoto Eyeem Philippines Enjoying Life Travelling The Yusay-Consing Mansion or so Called Molo Mansion. found in Iloilo City, Philippines
Mobilephoto Taking Photos Check This Out Travelling Iloilo City Philippines
Hi! That's Me People First Eyeem Photo trying some shots of me.. imperperfect yet Happy..
Hi! That's Me Relaxing People #selfieMode
Mobilephoto Taking Photos Enjoying Life Travelling
Taking Photos Enjoying Life Check This Out Mobilephoto noticeable clouds when im on my way home..
Taking Photos That's Me Hi! Relaxing
Taking Photos Travelling Enjoying Life
Mobilephoto Taking Photos Check This Out Eyeem Philippines One of the oldest houses in Iloilo City, Philippines.
Mobilephoto Hi! That's Me People feeling sick..
Mobilephoto Taking Photos Check This Out The restored iloilo capitol Eyeem Philippines
Hi! That's Me Enjoying Life Cheese! #throwbackPic of 25th Birthday
Enjoying Life Mobilephoto Relaxing Taking Photos Buon Gelato's IceCream. the best!
Mobilephoto Enjoying Life Check This Out cute teaspoon!
Taking Photos Check This Out Mobilephoto One of Iloilo Cities monument in Molo Plaza with God's and Goddesses statue! "Its more fun in the Philippines"!
refreshing color. Taking Photos Mobilephoto
Taking Photos Enjoying Life Travelling Check This Out Leon, Iloilo Philippines "natures best"
Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life Travelling heading to Imoy Falls @Leon Iloilo Ph.
Imoy Falls in Leon, Iloilo Ph.
Travelling Enjoying Life Taking Photos summer's best to explore other places and new experience. Banana Boating @ San Jose Antique
The last trip of jeepney going to Iloilo City heading home is full so we just ride on the roof. Enjoying Life Taking Photos That's Me People #happy
Bonding wd friends at La Terraza Grill. Iloilo City Ph.
colorful mug that will brighten your day!.
San Lorenzo Hall. Enjoying Life
Friendship on the WindMill area!.
Manggahan Festival in Guimaras, Philippines! Where you can find the sweetest mango in Ph.
looking at the brighter side of life!. People
Manggahan Festival of Guimaras!. Enjoying Life
Bucari Leon, Iloilo City Ph. "Imoy Falls"
The Photo was taken in San Lorenzo Guimaras, Philippines!. "The Windmill"
Travelling in Bucari Leon , Iloilo City .. The little Baguio..
touch it!. First Eyeem Photo