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Nickname : Roman, Kid Weezy Idol : Nicki Minaj 😍🙋 Fly me out where is warm hace frío 💃 Facebook : Seif Mezigh Instagram : seifmezigh
Moments Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World Friendship Sister ❤ Hanging Out Luv Fun
What Makes You Strong? A Kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous ! Relaxing Enjoying Life
Color Explosion Happy Run Fun People Watching
Mirrors ??????????
Dominicana, Puerto Rico ????????
Eden ⭐⭐⭐⭐
First Eyeem Photo
Chocolat Liégeois ?????????
EDEN ?????⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mimouuuuuuuuu ???????????????
But First Lemme Take a selfie ????????
Aaboudaaa ??????❤
Bby ?????????
الصلاة Al-Salat ????????????
Sport for good ???????????☀☀☀⛅
Birthday Loulou Wafa ??????
With Maa LiiL Tunchei <3
Avicii Superlove Mercedes Eclass
Behya Hnina Nmout Aaliik ツ 
Yaaa Mimouuu <3
All Your Niggas Wanna get like me :D
Nicki Minaj Cool Britannia Guess Slate7 OREO Haha
U Niggas ain't got no joints.
فركة صابون !
London Eye
Heathrow Airport Terminal4 March 2013
Earl 's Court <3
Mr .Roman <3
London ooh darliin miss ya <3
Bong fire run it pop a wheely :D
I'm friend with the MONSTER <3
Cousins et cousines. .:D
New_York_City heey Biätch
Chicken Supreme Farmhouse <3 <3
Amy Roman B10 Haha Roman biat*h
Fun Roman Ismo London 2O13
Moment 4 Life :D <3 KidWeezy Dreezy .F
Amy Roman TICTOC Shiznayee Pluie <3
Meilleure  Lola Roman Instafun KIDLOLA <3 <3
Rrrr kill da bitch RomanReloaded
PrettyGyal y another place <3 GiveItAllToMe
Uuh Kid Weezy <3 RimelDjerba
Vroom Vroom Vroom Get Gazoline ..<3 Lovemore
earl's court London Mars 2013 ?????