Roger Montejo


Breakfast lmao
My nephews :)
Field trip last week at lattc
I had fun on Friday :)
Hot asf on Saturday and raining on Sunday wtf lol
Passenger in my truck today :)
Poor little squirrel :/
Someone doesn't give a fuck lmao
Breakfast lol
We got caught -_-
I still remember when we came here
Well there goes my drink -_- wtf
Working lol
At venice :)
He's going up so fast :)
Playing basketball :)
My little nephew :)
Free slurpee again :)
At the stairs :)
Playing basketball :)
Healing my cut lol
Jicama :)
Fucken cut my finger -_-
RIP Sealy
Me and my little nephew :) I'm so dark -_-
About to eat PHO lol :)
My little nephew learning how to stand :)
It was bomb :)
Fuck it hitting the stairs again
Playing speed :)
For luigi :)
My smallest nephew :)
Happy face in the bible lmao
Potato :)
She stays playing zombies :) lol
My fgfs :)