Ørjan Wathne


takes photos just for fun 😊
Street Architecture Sky Building Exterior Steps And Staircases Residential Structure Balcony Stairway Steps
Waterfall Water Waterfall Motion Long Exposure Flowing Water Rushing Splashing Rapid High-speed Photography Stream Falling Water Crashing Wave Power In Nature
A bulding in venice Dome Politics And Government Clear Sky Architecture Sky Built Structure Historic Architectural Column Civilization Cathedral History Historic Building Office Building City Gate Arch Doges Palace Passageway Ancient Rome Settlement
Landscap Tree Rural Scene Agriculture Heat - Temperature Field Sunset Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Plantation Valley Agricultural Field Patchwork Landscape Satoyama - Scenery Terraced Field Cultivated Land Foggy
Sun almost set Water Sea Sunset Beach Blue Backgrounds Outdoor Pursuit Horizon Silhouette Reflection Low Tide Fishing Boat Trawler Tide View Into Land Seascape Fishing Industry Coastal Feature Romantic Sky Coast
The woods Tree Forest Sky Close-up Pine Woodland Pine Tree Pine Wood WoodLand Tree Area Lush - Description Needle - Plant Part Spruce Tree Coniferous Tree Evergreen Tree Fir Tree Branch
Venice City Clear Sky Sky Architecture Parking Building Office Building Visiting Residential Structure Parking Lot Stationary
Tree Bare Tree Close-up Sky Plant Countryside Tall Grass In Bloom Plant Life Blooming Blossom Pollen Stamen Non-urban Scene Wildflower
Looking over Mountain Sunset Lake Water Autumn Sky Landscape Geology Physical Geography Mountain Range Arid Landscape Natural Landmark Rocky Mountains Canyon Natural Arch Eroded Rugged Arid Climate
Sider view Tree Rural Scene Agriculture Sunset Autumn Storm Cloud Red Field Dramatic Sky Sky Plowed Field Blooming In Bloom Cultivated Plant Life Blossom Growing Tractor Cultivated Land Pollen
Flowers Flower Head Flower Tree Branch Springtime Petal Blossom White Color Close-up Sky In Bloom Plant Life Stamen Pollen Blooming Passion Flower Twig
Grain Rural Scene Cereal Plant Sea Sunset Beach UnderSea Bird Close-up Grass Sky Ear Of Wheat Blooming Wheat Barley Rye - Grain Cultivated Land Crop  Wholegrain Whole Wheat Poppy Growing Combine Harvester
Rain drops EyeEm Selects Canonm100 Nature Canonphotography Rain Drops Of Water Drops Drops Of Water Blackboard  Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up
Road Sky Sunset Full Frame Sky Only Textured  Meteorology Detail Plant Bark Rough Backgrounds Abstract Backgrounds Sun Orange Color Bark
Wind Wind Turbine Wind Power Windmill Technology Rural Scene Alternative Energy Fuel And Power Generation Sustainable Resources Agriculture Electricity  Power Line  Turbine Power Supply Propeller Electricity Pylon Power Cable Cable Electric Pole Electrical Grid Hydroelectric Power Electricity Tower Power Station Farmland
Snike view Tree Mountain Rural Scene Agriculture Field Terraced Field Sky Landscape Mountain Range Cloud - Sky Patchwork Landscape Cultivated Land Agricultural Field Crop  Farm Farmland Plantation Plowed Field
Me on a trip Tree Portrait Smiling Men Happiness Autumn Standing Shadow Looking At Camera Sunlight Growing Blooming Pollen Branch Woods Hiker Leaves Leaf Vein Bare Tree Tree Trunk Flower Tree
Shadows Working Sunset Men Occupation Full Length Adventure Silhouette Sunlight Standing Sky Light Beam Hiker Streaming Shining Sunbeam Flashlight Courage Uphill Lens Flare Sky Only Sun Sunrise Back Lit
Cow EyeEm Selects Water Cow Livestock Livestock Tag Domesticated Animal Tag Farm Animal Highland Cattle Domestic Cattle Grazing
On a swim EyeEm Selects Water UnderSea Sea Beach Blue Backgrounds Aerial View High Angle View Swimming Pool Swimming Turquoise Clear Calm Shallow Elevated View Seascape Rays Mid Distance Ocean Peaceful Bay Outrigger Reef Sandy Beach
More views EyeEm Selects Sea Men Water Beach Full Length Sitting Rear View Sky Horizon Over Water Casual Clothing Photographing Camera Camera - Photographic Equipment Photographer Photography Themes Photographic Equipment Lens - Optical Instrument Selfie Calm Countryside Photo Messaging Self Portrait Photography Taking  Tripod Digital Camera
View of the lake EyeEm Selects City Water Sea Cityscape Tree Aerial View Sky Horizon Over Water Calm Scenics Tranquil Scene Remote Mountain Range Rock Formation Rocky Mountains Coast Non-urban Scene Tranquility Idyllic Countryside
Norwegian writer EyeEm Selects Water Sky Close-up Grass Sculpture Statue Male Likeness Human Representation Idol Sculpted Art Carving - Craft Product
Close up EyeEm Selects Flower Sunset Mountain Dawn Red Fog Tree Sky Close-up Plant Poppy Wildflower Thorn Pollen Cactus Spiked Plant Life In Bloom Flower Head Uncultivated Succulent Plant
Mountains EyeEm Selects Tree Mountain Sunset Rural Scene Fog Forest Sun Agriculture Sunlight Springtime Valley Dramatic Sky Moody Sky Igniting Lush - Description Romantic Sky Sky Only Storm Cloud Forked Lightning
Sunset EyeEm Selects Sunset Sky Landscape Physical Geography Rugged Rock Formation Natural Arch Cliff Rock - Object Sandstone Rock Fall Eroded Rocky Mountains Geology
Me in venice EyeEm Selects Gondola - Traditional Boat City Nautical Vessel Water Smiling Portrait Men Cheerful Happiness Individuality Gondolier Grand Canal - Venice Straw Hat Venice - Italy Tourist Visiting Veneto Gondola Canal Venetian Lagoon Rowing Coast Water Vehicle Sun Hat City Break
Caesar EyeEm Selects King - Royal Person Ancient Civilization Sculpture Statue Monument History Human Representation City Sky Architecture Fine Art Statue Male Likeness Idol Sculpted Carving - Craft Product Museum Golden Color Knick Knack Civilization Archaeology
EU and ITALY EyeEm Selects City Flag History King - Royal Person Patriotism Politics And Government Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Archway The Past Historic Ancient Civilization Ancient Rome Ancient Archaeology Civilization City Gate Arch Insignia Historic Building Gate
Other angel EyeEm Selects Cityscape Water Sea City Apartment Residential Building Community Architecture Building Exterior Horizon Over Water Human Settlement Residential District Settlement Crowded Housing Development Town Tiled Roof  Housing Problems Townhouse Residential Structure Architectural Feature Old Town TOWNSCAPE Coastline Row House
michelangelo Florence Italy Florence Italy Canonphotography Canonm100 EyeEm Selects Statue Sculpture Human Representation Male Likeness Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Historic Art Art And Craft Craft ArtWork Craft Product Brick Wall Street Art Carving - Craft Product
Details Florence Florence Italy Italy Canonm100 Canonphotography EyeEm Selects Politics And Government City Dome History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Place Of Worship Catholicism Temple - Building Temple Church Cathedral Spirituality Christianity Religion Spire
Florence gard Florence Italy Florence Italy Old Town Canonm100 EyeEm Selects Ancient Civilization City Sculpture Statue History Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Civilization Archaeology Ancient Rome Historic Ancient History The Past Ancient Old Ruin Monument
Florence views Florence Florence Italy Italy Canonm100 EyeEm Selects Cityscape Urban Skyline City Tree Ferris Wheel Skyscraper Modern Sky Architecture Building Exterior Arch Bridge Sunset Orange Color Sun Sunbeam Shining Clock Tower Idyllic Dramatic Sky
Alley EyeEm Selects City Cityscape Politics And Government Street Architecture Sky Building Exterior Old Town Historic TOWNSCAPE vanishing point Empty Road The Way Forward Rooftop Town Square Townhouse Diminishing Perspective Residential Structure Historic Building Town Housing Settlement Cobblestone Tiled Roof
Old Town Tree Mountain Place Of Worship Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Sky Cathedral Catholicism Historic Spirituality Religion Foggy Christianity Church Steeple
Vernazza EyeEm Selects Cityscape Sea City Water Sky Architecture Building Exterior Residential Structure TOWNSCAPE Residential District Crowded Settlement Townhouse Rooftop Tiled Roof  Housing Settlement Residential Building Shore Human Settlement Town Boat Old Town
Village views EyeEm Selects City Low Sky Architecture Building Exterior Window Box Housing Settlement Balcony Townhouse Row House TOWNSCAPE Human Settlement Settlement Roof Tile Residential Building Residential District Residential Structure Old Town Tiled Roof
It was a Nice day EyeEm Selects Gondola - Traditional Boat City Summer Cultures Front View Individuality History Men Architecture Travel Canal Gondolier Venice - Italy Arch Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Venetian Lagoon Veneto Straw Hat City Break Old Town Gondola Settlement Mooring Post Town Square Grand Canal - Venice Bell Tower - Tower
Venezia canals EyeEm Selects City Water Window Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Gondola - Traditional Boat Gondolier Canal Wooden Post Narrow Veneto Venetian Lagoon Venice - Italy Grand Canal - Venice Pathway Gondola Long Walkway
View amazing EyeEm Selects City Walking Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Settlement Tall - High Tower Urban Scene Urban Skyline Crowded Skyline Building Story Residential Structure Residential District Cityscape Office Building Clock Tower Communications Tower
Neptun EyeEm Selects Athlete Sports Race Sport Sportsman Crowd Sculpture Water Sky Cloud - Sky
Wave to the People EyeEm Selects City Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Historic Arch Civilization Ancient Civilization History Historic Building Ancient Rome Archaeology Old Ruin Ancient The Past Bas Relief
Clock tower EyeEm Selects Clock City Clock Tower Politics And Government Clock Face Place Of Worship History Tower Religion Sky Bell Tower - Tower St. Mark's Square Church Cathedral Bell Tower The Past Façade Fort Astronomical Clock Whitewashed Bell Catholicism
Fontune of neptune EyeEm Selects City Politics And Government King - Royal Person Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Entryway Entrance Front Door Doorway Façade Archway Arch Door Entry Arched
Bologna towers EyeEm Selects City Clear Sky Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Power Line  Electricity Tower Wire Electricity  Telephone Pole Power Supply Power Cable Cable
New wunders around every corner EyeEm Selects City Clear Sky Cityscape Dome Politics And Government Clock Face History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Brick Brick Wall Monument Roman Numeral Ancient Rome Civilization National Monument
Walking bye EyeEm Selects City Architecture Building Exterior Sky Historic Architectural Column History Visiting Ancient Ancient Rome Archaeology Old Ruin Building Civilization Historic Building Passageway The Past Exterior
Bologna has been so wonderful EyeEm Selects City Car Sky Architecture Building Exterior Vehicle Road Marking City Street Asphalt Crosswalk Dividing Line Moving Parking Road Signal Empty Road Bicycle Lane Land Vehicle
Lake braies EyeEm Selects Water Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Beach Glacier Lake Polar Climate Snowcapped Mountain Winter Geology Physical Geography Rugged Rocky Mountains Natural Arch Rock Formation Natural Landmark Cliff
Smile 😀 NeuschwansteinCastle Germany Deutschland Bavaria EyeEm Selects Canonm100 Canonphotography City Portrait Smiling Looking At Camera Togetherness Men Sky Architecture Built Structure Visiting Bridge - Man Made Structure Suspension Bridge Engineering Settlement
View Water Sea Beach Summer Close-up Sky Horizon Over Water Calm Lakeside Cliff Idyllic Scenics Rock
Stavanger city Tree City Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Tree Topper Festival
Stavanger old Town Norway🇳🇴 Old Town Stavanger Huaweiphotography Huawei Mate10pro Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Narrow Fence Gate Lane Long Alley Walkway Destinations Path Aged The Way Forward Pathway Residential Structure Empty Road Woods Chainlink
Harbor City Low Tide Nautical Vessel Sea Cityscape Urban Skyline Photography Themes Beach Bridge - Man Made Structure Horizon Seascape Calm Coastline Water Surface Crane - Construction Machinery Pier Harbor Shore Horizon Over Water Bay Of Water Commercial Dock Coast Coastal Feature
City view EyeEm Selects Cityscape City Sky Office Building Residential Structure TOWNSCAPE Roof Tile Settlement Urban Skyline Town Roof Housing Settlement
Stavanger center EyeEm Selects City Water Tree Illuminated Reflection Sky Architecture Cityscape Settlement Residential District Urban Scene Human Settlement Tower Skyline
Bææ Water Sheep Standing Grass Livestock Lamb Domesticated Animal Tag Domestic Flock Of Sheep Growing Field Habitat
Cow Cow Norway🇳🇴 Canonm100 Canonphotography Nature EyeEm Selects Water Portrait American Bison Close-up HEAD Mug Shot Animal Eye Snout Animal Nose Animal Face Animal Ear Eye Closing Large
Sheep Sheep Forrest Nature Canonm100 Canonphotography Norway🇳🇴 EyeEm Selects Tree Portrait Forest Looking At Camera Livestock Tag Flock Of Sheep Lamb Domestic Livestock Rural Pasture Domesticated Animal Tag
Horse EyeEm Selects Mountain Full Length Agriculture Sky Grass Livestock Farmland Mountain Range Field Agricultural Field Growing Horse Cultivated Land Plough Rocky Mountains
Me looking out Water Politics And Government Sea Standing Beach Young Women Three Quarter Length Sky Hiker Horizon Over Water Thoughtful Backpack Ocean Wave Seascape Calm Shore Hiking
I am going down there Water Sea Standing Boys Rear View Rock - Object Striped Sky Casual Clothing Cliff Geology Rocky Coastline Wave Coast Shore Natural Arch
Water Car Wash Water Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Abstract Close-up Dripping High-speed Photography Abstract Backgrounds Dissolving Colliding
Water flow Water Waterfall Tree Motion Blue River Forest Smooth Sky Landscape Flowing Water Flowing Rapid Idyllic Scenics Power In Nature Falling Water Stream - Flowing Water Calm Remote Stream Long Exposure Non-urban Scene Rock Formation
Ølberg sea houses Beach Sea Sand Red Sky Horizon Over Water Beach Hut Building Hut Stilt House Historic Settlement Exterior Building Exterior Sand Dune
Lamp EyeEm Selects Illuminated Hanging Close-up Light Bulb Electric Light Energy Efficient Lightbulb Bulb Energy Efficient Lamp Electricity  Electric Lamp Darkroom
Lazy cat EyeEm Selects Pets City Domestic Cat Street Close-up Cat Whisker Sleepy Animal Face At Home Kitten Pet Bed Feline
Boat Boat Ølberg Canonphotography Canonm100 EyeEm Selects Road Industry Sky Architecture Built Structure Corrugated Iron Shutter Closed
Another one Tree Water Sunset Mountain Agriculture Silhouette Astronomy Milky Way Reflection Lake Growing Blooming Plant Life Pollen Flower Head Blossom In Bloom
Sunset at the cabin Water Tree Sunset Lake Blue Reflection Silhouette Symmetry Dusk Sky Reflection Lake Star Field Reflecting Pool Salt Lake Salt Basin Infinity
The watching Wolf Cityscape City Child Clear Sky Rear View Childhood Sky Horizon Over Water Residential Structure Hooded Shirt Urban Skyline Office Building Hood - Clothing Settlement Shore Seascape Calm
Hana topp City Cityscape Water Urban Skyline Illuminated Skyscraper Sea Sky Architecture Horizon Over Water Calm Seascape Settlement Aerial View Rocky Coastline Ocean Groyne Shore Sunset
The woods Tree Bamboo - Plant Forest Bamboo Grove Tree Trunk Branch Tree Area Sky Dense WoodLand Sightseeing Fallen Tree Pinaceae Dead Plant Dead Tree Bark Tree Canopy  Growing Lush - Description Pine Woodland Woods Pine Tree Wilderness
Water Water Spraying Irrigation Equipment Motion Long Exposure Sky Sprinkler Crashing Power In Nature Rushing Lightning Waterfall Watering Fountain Splashing Flowing Water Flowing
Lake side Water Tree Mountain Lake Reflection Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Reflection Lake Lakeshore Water Surface Swimming Animal Reflecting Pool Standing Water Idyllic Postcard Rippled Calm Mountain Range Rocky Mountains
New Mountain New view EyeEm Selects Mountain Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Rocky Mountains Arid Landscape Barren Rugged Idyllic Remote Calm Tranquil Scene Rock Formation Geology Countryside Extreme Terrain Rock Arid Climate Mountain Range
Sandnes from hana viewpoint Sandnes Hana Midday Atumn View Viewpoint Huaweimate10pro Leicacamera Leica Lens Norway🇳🇴 EyeEm Selects Cityscape City Water Sea Beach Arts Culture And Entertainment Sky Horizon Over Water
At the top of hana stairs the Wolf of sandnes Norway🇳🇴 Wolf Sandnes Hana Stairs Midday Atumn View Viewpoint Huaweimate10pro Leicacamera Leica Lens EyeEm Selects Water Sea Sky Hiker Friend Rear View Escapism Backpack Looking At View Horizon Over Water
Nazi bunker on the beach Bunker WW2 Leftovers Beach Norway🇳🇴 Easter Primeshots Sea Water Clear Sky Beach Sunset UnderSea Sky Horizon Over Water Wave Coast Tide Crashing Coastal Feature Seascape Shore
Sola beach Water Wave Sea Beach Sand Clear Sky Sand Dune Low Tide Sky Horizon Over Water Tide Coastline Rocky Coastline Seascape Coast Sandy Beach
Rocks Mountain Rock - Object Clear Sky Tree Close-up Sky Landscape Geology Physical Geography Arid Climate Rugged Boulder - Rock
The cabin EyeEm Selects Water Mountain Lake Reflection Tree Fishing Sky Cloud - Sky Reflection Lake Calm Standing Water Countryside Lakeshore
Old way Red Communication Text Close-up Capital Letter Information Sign Closed Western Script Written Information
Sky Water Tree Sunset Lake Reflection Silhouette Sky Horizon Over Water Landscape Cloud - Sky Romantic Sky Idyllic Atmospheric Mood Cumulus Dramatic Landscape Atmosphere Dramatic Sky Scenics Majestic Sky Only Tranquil Scene
EyeEm Selects Pets Domestic Animals One Animal Domestic Cat Animal Themes Indoors  Mammal Feline Portrait No People Day Close-up
Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Communication Low Angle View Antenna - Aerial Outdoors Technology Day Television Industry No People Sky Radar Clock
Man on his way Street Building Exterior Outdoors Asphalt Architecture City Road Sky Built Structure Day
Old church Loseless Zoom Sandnes Church Pro HUAWEI Mate 10 Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Tower Sky Clock Tower City Cloud - Sky No People Outdoors Cityscape Clock Day
High Five EyeEm Selects Winter Snow Cold Temperature Focus On Foreground One Person Snowing Outdoors People Warm Clothing Adult Day Adults Only Nature Human Body Part Close-up Water Snowflake One Woman Only Tree Only Women
Glide forward Snow Winter Cold Temperature Winter Sport Day Outdoors Sport Nature Scenics No People Sky
Night Illuminated Architecture Built Structure City Building Exterior No People
Architecture Built Structure Day Outdoors Building Exterior No People Sky GamlebyenFredrikstad
The Way Forward Tree Diminishing Perspective Nature Road Outdoors Beauty In Nature Forest Tree Trunk Scenics No People Autumn Day Growth Sky GamlebyenFredrikstad
Nature Tree Day Outdoors Growth Water No People Beauty In Nature Sky
Nature Outdoors No People Tree Landscape Mountain Winter Fog Rural Scene Scenics Beauty In Nature Day Sky
Water High Angle View Nature Motion Beauty In Nature No People Outdoors Day Scenics Waterfall
Water Lake Nature Outdoors Mountain No People Day Scenics Nautical Vessel Beauty In Nature Tree Sky
Tree Nature Agriculture Rural Scene No People Field Outdoors Growth Beauty In Nature Day Sky
Water Sky Outdoors Beauty In Nature Rovinj, Croatia 2017