Roman Hecht


Subtle unobstrusive photos taken with my Nikon D5200. And never forget: A picture a day keeps the boredom away.
A violet I've found in my garden. Almost walked past.# violet, #flower, #picoftheday, #bestpic, #goodmood, #smileoneveryface Flower Bestpic Picoftheday Flowerporn
This flower was shot in the light of a street lamp. Flower Bestpic Nikon Orange #flower #bestpic, #orange, #picoftheday, #nikon #d5200 #rhme
The blossom has the same color as the leaves. Red Flowerporn Picoftheday Bestpic #Flower, #Bestpic #Blue #Green #Picoftheday #Red #nikon #d5200
A subtle crack in a flower pot. via Bestpic Picoftheday Flowerporn Red
The beauty of, kind of, geometric arrangement from a different perspective. via Blackandwhite Picoftheday Bwpicoftheday Nikon
For us an ordinary mushroom. For micro-organisms it’s their whole cosmos. via Bestpic Blackandwhite Bwpicoftheday Picoftheday
A quiet place by a river. This bench belongs to the most beautiful café I’ve ever visited. via Countryside Cafe Picoftheday Nikon
Please take a seat and enjoy the non-existent site. Blackandwhite Mono Monochrome Bwpicoftheday
Aren't they beautiful? So deep and clear. This cat is surely happy. Cat Picoftheday HappyCat Green Eyes
A sad mouse wants to be loved. Bestpic Mono Bwpicoftheday Monochrome
It's about the shadow. Picoftheday Bestpic No Racism Star
My daughter made this without any intention or ability to read. Arrangement is everything ;-). Bestpic Picoftheday Putty Childmade
A flower, a color and a captured moment. Picoftheday Flower Velvet Nikon
My way. I am not going to go it on my own... via Picoftheday Bestpic Railway Nikon
It only lasted for a few weeks. They've thrown the keys into the river as a sign for their eternal love. After the relationship ended she tried to scratch her name from the padlock. Bwpicoftheday Picoftheday Monochrome Mono
She is eating. What a feast. Picoftheday Spiders Eatingout Nikon
A little man I’ve found sitting on a bench. via Picoftheday Playmobil Toys Nikon
An abandoned building in the neighborhood. Picoftheday Bwpicoftheday Monochrome Abandoned
Although it's broken the beauty remains. Picoftheday Subtle Beauty Flower
A bird that lost one feather in the woods. No, this is not the bird. Bwpicoftheday Monochrome Picoftheday Bwisbeautiful
Just an ordinary flower between fir. Nothing to really care about. Or should I? Picoftheday Flower Fir Tree Nikon D5200
Don't you hate it watching others work? I don't. Picoftheday Work Insect Nikon D5200
They are on their way. But where? via blackandwhite, bwpicoftheday, lonelyness, monochrome, picoftheday #rhme #nikon #d5200 Black & White Bwpicoftheday Monochrome Picoftheday
It’s disabled. But not for long. via #crab, #picoftheday, #sea, #water #rhme #nikon #d5200 Picoftheday Crab Sea Nikon
It’s this perfect shape that has been intact for so long that is the most fascinating. via #nikon #d5200 Picoftheday Stone Nikon
An abandoned transformer housing. Be careful to not step on the grid. via Picoftheday Abandoned Building Nikon
The reception of an abandoned company. Even in sunlight it is frightening as hell. via Bwpicoftheday Abandoned Monochrome Blackandwhite
A flower. Not some flower but a beautiful rose. via Picoftheday Red Rose♥ Flower
See the broken flowers? It’s subtle. via Abandoned Flower Glas Picoftheday
The best way to review two different but coherent things is by placing each one in its own screen. In this image I’ve done it for you. via Brick Heaven Picoftheday Wall brick, heaven, splitscreen, wall picoftheday
A poppy revealing its most sensitive part. The part she is at most vulnerable at. via #bwpicoftheday #monochrome, #blackandwh, #flower, #picoftheday, #poppy, #red, #vulnerability #rhme #nikon #d5200 Blackandwhite Monochrome Flower Picoftheday
The cold and fresh morning dew on a rose. Kitschy but nice. Morningdew Picoftheday Red Rose♥
It does not want to let everyone see its beauty. Yet. via Nikon Picoftheday Flower Birth
Everyone walks by without taking notice of this beautiful flower hidden under a bush by the road. Fortunately. via Flower Red Picoftheday Nikon D5200
This inscription on the sill is from my childhood. It was left by my sister when we left this house a very long time ago. I’m surprised it’s still there. via Blackandwhite Picoftheday Feelings Nikon
A football ground that was forgotten a long time ago. Also forgotten the joy, anger and friendship it has seen. Humans tend to forget very fast. via Picoftheday Football Worldcup2014 Black And White
See this leaf hanging there, never touched by a human being. via Nikon Picoftheday Leaf Green
No strings attached via Picoftheday Nikon Farmlife
This cow shed is a place where animals get fatted and killed afterwards. No place to befriend an animal. via Animal Picoftheday Farm Nikon
Not the only broken window in this house. via Picoftheday Glass Flower Nikon D5200
Just a picture of a marigold. Something to color up our grey lives. via Colorful Picoftheday Flower Nikon
This is how you get more time. Just fix it with tape and don’t let it run away. via Black And White Time Nikon Picoftheday
See these lovely colored little flowers? They live near a street where all day and every day a lot of cars and people pass. Does anybody care or even notice them, halt to see their beauty? I don’t think so. via NikonD5200 EyeEm Flower Street Busylife
As vivid as they may seem they are not real. They are only there to fulfill a single purpose: Bringing a breeze of nature into a suburban environment. To make people miss the nature a little less. It didn’t work. via Urban Life Nature Nikon
Only slightly ajar was this old door that was not opened in a very long time. This slight crack was enough to see there is nothing in there. Not anymore. via Blackandwhite Curiosity #rhme Nikon
None of us are equal. Each one of us is unique. Equality is not an option. via Nonconform Nikon D5200 Unique
You feel the presence of those who once lived there. Those who were not allowed to leave until their very last day. The day they died. via Blackandwhite Fear Death Bedroom
See him walking from left to right? Every single day? Begging for food, washing it and climbing the single branch in his small cage. He is happy. Im pretty sure… via Animal Despair Blackandwhite Sad & Lonely
Do you see the pig? via Animals Animalfeeding Pig Zoo
take a slight look through the gates of hell, maybe you’ll see some hounds running through Biomassekraftwerk Landesbergen (thx to Lea Stühring for the chance to join this impressive visitation) via Hell Fire Landesbergen
Very quiet waters of a river near my hometown. So peaceful and calm. via River Woods Peace And Quiet EyeEm Nature Lover
The lonely poppy. Black And White With A Splash Of Colour Blackandwhite Flower IPhone
Opponents Football Soccer Playground Blackandwhite
Snapshot Nikon Colorful Red Roses
Id on a transformer-housing Nikon Dark Black And White Scary
Spheres Nikon Sphere Street Art Art
It was heavily raining outside and the only shelter was this cow shed. Dark Rain Cowshed
Can you see her reflection? Reflection Woman Illusion
She's already dead. Roses Red Street Dead
One of a kind Flower Lonely Nikon D5200 Violet
She is sad. Painting Sad Woman Cry
For a chief it is a tool. For a murderer it is a weapon. Point of view is everything that matters. Black And White Weapon Tools
RePicture Love First Eyeem Photo
Mother and child #nikon #d5200 #mother #child #motherlove #shadow #reflection #river #water #blackandwhite Reflection River Water Blackandwhite Shadow Child Mother Nikon D5200 Motherlove
Beauty of the swamp #nikon #d5200 #swamp #flower #subtle #hidden #yellow Flower Hidden Yellow Nikon Subtle Swamp D5200
Almost invisible #nikon #d5200 #hidden #flower #abandoned #tire Flower Abandoned Hidden Nikon Tire D5200
Look at me #nikon #d5200 #goose #stare #dangerous Nikon Goose Dangerous Stare D5200
Long time no play #nikon #d5200 #basketball #player #slamdunk #missing Basketball Missing Nikon Player SlamDunk D5200
Just a lamp. So simple and so beautiful. #nikon #d5200 #lamp #wonder #light Light Lamp Nikon Wonder D5200
This is not gras nor anything natural. It is synthetic. Made by men to never rot. It will stay here on earth for the next 10.000 years. #nature #synthetic #menmade #humanity #earth #pollution Nature Earth Pollution HUMANITY Synthetic Menmade
Chained to a stone #nikon #d5200 #chain #noescape #animal #stonecold #fear #freedom Animal Freedom Fear Chain Nikon StoneCold D5200 Noescape
It's her reflection. The woman my heart will allways belong. #heart #loveofmylive #teaspoon #reflection Reflection Heart Loveofmylive Teaspoon
An empty and forgotten football ground which has not seen any combatants in a long time. #nikon #d5200 #footballground #cloudy #sadness #lonelyness #fearofforgetting Cloudy Nikon Sadness Lonelyness D5200 Footballground Fearofforgetting
3 layers. The 1 is the obstacle. The 2 is the unknown. The 3 is the light. #nikon #d5200 #portal Nikon Portal D5200