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Do not be afraid of building a permanent and loving relationship in a world where everything is disposable and fleeting - Pope Francis
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Assi's little lappy.. CreativeKid
Assi's little lappy.. CreativeKid
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No matter how bad your life is, be thankful each morning that you still have one. 🌴🏊 Hello World Check This Out Eyeem Philippines Enjoying Life
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My 2nd ACN BPO Olympics. :)
Present! lol
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home sick?
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Give aways.
..because they're coming in Manila and I cant afford the Vip ticket,well,I'm ok with youtube :-p One Direction Liam Payne @eyeemph
I know for a very short period of time,we have so many stuff that we don't really understand,for the fact that we never get along together. .we have so many discrepancies, so many hesitations,questions and doubts not only for our relationship but as well as within our self..but no matter what it takes,for this short period of time..I learned to love you deep..learned to forgive you when you crashed my heart..learned to accept what you'd done..learned to dream future with you..learned to sacrifice my pride. .learned to smile when I'm sleep with sadness in my heart and hope tomorrow's will be alright. .to pray that you'll not gonna say goodbye. .to hope that whatever argument we're having, you're still there..holding on .Thank you so much babe for letting me feel those kind of so sorry for all those aches and disappointments...I love you always,all ways.♡ Love
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Yeah,not lucky. I'll see you soon. Just give me time.♡
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Sun halo in Legazpi City.
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