- It'S Me Bitchesss , Resaaa ..! I See You Lurking Reading This So You Might As Well Follow This Hottie . BTW I Love You Corey <3
keep claim ... Me &nd My bby Anniversary Tomorrow ♥
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lawdd i feel like breaking down crying. United States
this wat i like uss too sayy !
I feel this doe. shxt always happen jus like this. hmmp , Niccas betta wake the fuck up !
Aweee <3
Awe3eee :-D. I think this is sooo Pr3ddieee. & adorable fha hym to send me this telling me he wbt this one day ♥♥♥
People say this aint how its suppose to go bt i REFUSE to Believe.. Its Been a Mean World Without cha . Boy Ilove ya , ilove ya . * Nieva* Complicated. I Gotcha Corey bby i promise . 11/14/13 ♥ Plz dnt let go baee :'(
i wish i was a person that didnt give a fuck. i really doo. soo i could do watevaa i want& jus dnt care
I feel soo hurt. i guess im too emotional or watevaaa , bt ion kno. Im blowed like a mf .. I tried to hold dem in bt fuck they jus rolled down. , :'(:'( Fuck u mean u aint wanma ruin my day. mann im gine . im tired of getten hirt by the same ppl
GoodMorning. ♥
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i cnt hurt hym like he hurt me. 2 wrongsss dnt make a right. & im not a cheater sooo icnt do that. pshhhh , i jus want sum body who not for games . thats real , thats not a dawgg. & dnt jus tell me he loves me cause i tell hym that someone who meanss
GoodMorning Everyboddyy ... ! ♥
im keep putting my trust in dese niggas & get fuxked clean over. Guess its jus me , myself , & i in this world alonee .
Me & my bby doe .. , Thugg'N it . I love this boy witheverything. ♥
Baee tld me to go change my clothes ..So i guess im wearing this todayy . iaint trippin doe
im bored . im boutaa go walk around .
Im soo Skinney .. bt preddie with it . doe
Fuck'N Right .
Hanging Out
Hmmmp , Texting My Bby Doee . !
GoodMorning Eye'Em
Me & The Homiess . Chillin Yesturday ! Fuck Wit It.
Hanging Out
Great Performance
True Love . Fashooo ♥
Hanging Out