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ChemEng UGM 2014. Love to sing. Music addicted.
Never ending memories. I trully miss this class with so much extraordinary friends here. First Eyeem Photo
ONE OK ROCK - "Jinsei x Boku =" Did you know that “Jinsei x Boku =” has like, a double meaning “Jinsei” means “Life” “Boku” means “Me”. But what has two meanings is the “x,” which is read as “kakete” which is how to say “multiplied by” in Japanese. But the word for “to risk” is also pronounced the same as “kakete” so it’s like a play on words. The “=” is read as “wa” which (in this case) means “will”. So to put it all together, the translated title is “I will risk my life to” or “I will put my life into” (insert life goal here). Also, in their tour name, “jinsei x kimi =” or “jinsei kakete kimi wa,” “kimi” means “you”). And this is why I love ONE OK ROCK songs and lyrics.
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