Arron Murphy


lol just ask ;p

It's Business Time
got it done Tattoo Kik Me Art Longboarding
Relaxing Kik Me Snapchat Someone Text Me
Lol wat I really do at work Enjoying Life Relaxing Kik Me Tattoo
The person you're looking at with a gorgeous smile es my little big sister Amy this is the person who kicks my as and pushed me to follow my own path and no matter how far I go down that path she stands on the side with that dorky smile saying " I love you Mikey " and I always say eww and smile back I love her the most and I hope she knows it
I may not go to church as much as did but I still work god damn hard Tattoo Enjoying Life Yorkie. Art
Deepfreeze Snow Drift Rx8
At home bored Relaxing Art tattoo Kik Me
Lol this could be us but you play Xbox
Tattooing or goofing off outlaw ways are no futu re's ways Kik Me That's Me Tattoo Relaxing
Snapchat Relaxing Someone Text Me Kik Me
this is how far I've gotten with spray paint
lol i really don't know
always keep trying Tattoo That's Me Enjoying Life Relaxing
Tattoo Kik Me That's Me Relaxing
sinful from birth Tattoo
Happy New Year