P.b.S -PhAT'127


ig: @Puffymane_
Team Elite Bitch
GooDmorning Last nite was the Shit but this Morning Iput in WORK.!!!!!!!
-PuffyCorleone Irunaa But ummm Sit Ya Puppy
Hanging Out
Im chillin Witt it Doe Fwm
Good Morning 3 Eyes to my ulumni
At The Airport
Goons Move In Silence & Nigga Ion Talk Alot
Kan We Say FLIGHT.,?????
Fuck you & Who Birth You,!!
Iwass Fucked Up That Nite,!
PuffyCorleone Boi
But Shiiiiid Im Witt Da Homies.!!
Goon Shit
Nigga Chillin Doe