Peter, like the fruit

all shot with a pinhole camera and a rubber band
Peter, like the fruit
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High angle view of fruits for sale at market
People working in boat
Man working at construction site
Crowd at market
View of fruits for sale in market
People walking on road along trees
Low angle view of multi colored tree
Vehicles on road in city
People standing in city
People standing by food in city
High angle view of glasses on table
Close-up of flowers in temple
Close-up of bread in plate
Close-up of fresh white flowers blooming in field
Full frame shot of wood
Close-up of yellow paper
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Full frame shot of blue background
Full frame shot of wheat field
Full frame shot of tree
Full frame shot of illuminated light
Full frame shot of red abstract background
Young woman sitting on chair
Low section of man standing on tiled floor
Close-up of illuminated lighting equipment
two people
Red lights on wall
Water in container
no people
Close-up of text on metal
Panoramic view of cityscape against cloudy sky
Close-up of meat
People in subway station
Close-up of built structure
Close-up of vegetables for sale in market
Full frame shot of abstract background
View of railroad station platform
Railroad station platform
Reflection of man in illuminated mirror
Low angle view of building against sky
Close-up of yellow paper
Close-up of blue pattern
Close-up of curtain
Full frame shot of curtain
Low angle view of bridge against sky
Close-up of tree against built structure
Close-up of wet car window in rainy season
Close-up of dessert in plate on table
High angle view of person preparing food
Stack of firewood
one person
Close-up of food in plate
View of snow covered landscape
High angle view of drink on table
Close-up of table
Close up of sandwich
Close-up of snow
Low angle view of illuminated built structure at night
People playing at home
Rear view of people sitting in bus
Woman riding bicycle on road
Close up of leaves
High angle view of vegetables for sale at market stall
People at market stall
Trees in forest
Graffiti on shelf
High angle view of fruits for sale at market stall
High angle view of multi colored umbrellas
Ship in water
Low section of man legs in water
Woman sitting in a car
Illuminated text at night
Aerial view of cobblestone
Woman having food
Swimming pool by trees
Low section of woman standing on street
Low section of couple walking on sand
Crowd in park
Low section of people walking on floor
Panoramic view of people on street
Rear view of man sitting in car
Low angle view of pagoda
People at town square against sky
Low angle view of lanterns hanging on tree
Crowd on tree
Low angle view of statue against sky
Crowd at music concert
Low angle view of tree against clear blue sky
Close-up of yellow flowers blooming outdoors
Close-up of plant against building
Close-up of heart shape against wall
Scenic view of lake against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky at night
Full frame shot of text
only men
Close-up of firework display over black background
Close-up of illuminated lights against black background
Full frame shot of yellow wall