Peter, like the fruit

all shot with a pinhole camera and a rubber band
Peter, like the fruit
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Crowd at music concert
View of buildings at waterfront
Birds perching on railing in city against sky
Close-up of yellow flower vase on table at home
People standing on sidewalk in city
Portrait of smiling young woman standing against white background
Portrait of man standing on floor
View of cars on bridge in city
High angle view of coffee
Low section of man standing in snow
People on sidewalk in city
People standing in office
Full frame shot of wooden planks
Low section of woman wearing shoes
public transportation
Trees in forest against sky
Low angle view of tree against clear sky
Close-up of fruits in plate
Low angle view of modern building
High angle view of empty staircase in building
Portrait of man against gray background
Vintage car on tree
Low angle view of building
Close-up view of brick wall
High angle view of ducks swimming in sea
Rock formations in sea against clear sky
View of old ruins
Rear view of couple standing against building
Low angle view of flag flags against clear sky
Close-up of human hand against gray background
Full frame shot of blue sky
View of clock tower against sky
Built structure against clear sky
Full frame shot of pink flowers
Full length of woman standing on retaining wall against sky
Boats in sea
View of car in city
Man working on road in city
Staircase leading towards building
Low angle view of building
Young couple holding balloons
wireless technology
Rear view of boy with text
real people
real people
Young man using laptop in restaurant
Aerial view of city
Rear view of man on plants against building
Low angle view of red built structure against clear sky
Young woman standing on table at home
Close-up of drink on table
Young couple standing against wall
Portrait of man against blue sky
Scenic view of lake in forest
Close-up of burning candle against black background
Low angle view of building against clear sky
Close-up of piano keys on hardwood floor
Car on street in city
Road amidst plants and trees against sky
Portrait of mid adult man against white background
Close-up of text
High angle view of meal served on table
Portrait of smiling young man against white background
Man sitting on shelf
Panoramic view of city against sky
Portrait of man in city
real people
Close-up of coffee cup on table
focus on foreground
Full frame shot of multi colored candies
Full frame shot of tomatoes
Full frame shot of cake
High angle view of meat on barbecue grill
Close-up of lemon
Scenic view of field against clear blue sky
Close-up of text on sand at beach
Low section of man standing on tiled floor
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
Low angle view of illuminated lanterns hanging at night
Temple against sky during sunset
Young man standing in corridor
High angle view of crab for sale at market
View of palm trees
Palm trees
High angle view of yellow fruits for sale at market stall