Prapty Setia N.


Instagram : praptysetia08
under the
1 Women
V Low Section
X Young Women
a Low Section
Station Subway
Alone Reptile
Tree Tree
Burung Unta
auto Tree City
obsolete items
Elephant Animal
👣 Human Hand
small port
Station City
sunset City
Stone ans Shoes
Island Bird
Apartment Tree
Ship Offshore
Building City
Island Tree
Bridge Tree
road City Sky
Apart City
shoes Low
Coconuts tree
building City
2 hands Low
Harmonica Human
kopi Human Hand
Brush Makeup
🛠 White
Eye Glasses
Tripod Close-up
a pair of
Pencil White
two connections
greeting cards
🌴 Tree Palm
Wall Sky
Hand Elephant
Rope Technology
A New
Island Tree
Sky Rural Scene
Nature gives me

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