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The Places I've Been Today Cinema | the most awesome place me and colleauges found remedy after a long at work. Great movies are discussed over cups of coffee right after the show until we part ways. Hanging Out Enjoying Life
Higher. Bolder. Louder Hanging Out Black&white
Got wet through twists and turns of hilarous rides. Home again. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Keep going. Life has its own way of opening new horizons to new things. Relaxing Enjoying Life Hanging Out
bed weather. alone, but not lonely Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life
See you in Araneta Coliseum. All set! Hanging Out Hello World Relaxing
earpiece on Check This Out Hanging Out Relaxing
Where Do You Swarm? the best days of our lives spent in Boracay Island, Philippines. Young. Wild & Free!!! Hanging Out Enjoying Life Relaxing
Sacred Heart Shrine is a polar opposite to the buildings and business establishments surrounding an urbanized landscape. Wondering how truly possible for busy people to set aside a couple of minutes of or even just a couple of seconds to commune with God. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Relaxing
Share a seat and win a friend. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Relaxing
An edifice of a Gothic-like architecture found in Sacred Heart Seminary-Bacolod, Philippines; popularized in Medieval epoch with the significant birth of monasticism- the philosophical zeitgeist in the Middle Ages. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Taking Photos
'A man bitten, is a man cursed.' Taking Photos Hanging Out Enjoying Life full moon Relaxing
Keep distance⚠️ Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life
Far from home, we fo further. Gaze at the shore of a new horizon. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Taking Photos Relaxing boracay, philippines
throwback the salad days of philosophy years Taking Photos Relaxing Bookworm Collegedays
Where have all the people gone?Boracay Island, Philippines
One magnificent space to find new horizon Enjoying Life boracay
More tickets to anywhere! Enjoying Life Hanging Out Relaxing Summer At Boracay Phlippines
Boracay Island, Philippines Hanging Out Enjoying Life