Polly Kwok


quietly going along since 91 baby
Autumn Daylight A Walk In The Park Pond Swans Trees October2015
That face while waiting for food when you haven't ate anything all day. Fiveguys Hungry Girl Pouty Face Vainity Just The One Photo Of Me
Summer Nights Night Sky New Moon Tree Silhouette
Gothic Architecture Tenements West End Window Reflections i love my flat. I love the high ceilings. And the light you'll get. 💞
Green Juice Window Light April 2015 Be Healthy
Tunnel Light And Shadows Empty Road
4 Electric Tower  Walking In The Hills Sky And Clouds In The Distance
Single Track Hike Up On A Hill
Dust bitten shoes Walking In The Hills Feeling Good 4 Miles
A cool walk home 7pm Reflections Artchitecture Singular Street Lamp and the Blue Sky hello Summertime
Mind The Gap Train Station Afternoon Light
Bare Trees brush strokes of Clouds Blue Sky Nature Open Edit A Walk In The Park
Sunset And Clouds  Black And White Photography Sunday Night Loving Life!
Scarfs of Colours
Go forth. Go on. Simplicity Blue Sky
Sun is blinding poweful. The moon didn't stand a chance. And life keeps on going. Till next time, Solar Eclipse. First Eyeem Photo