♡ 18, female, usa ♡
the best
perfect afternoon
i never wear pants
i had an adorable puppy sleeping on my boobies
hi Birds // Zoo Colorful
just felt like taking a picture of my eyes i guess // Greeneyes
that's a nice Sky you got there Texas // Skyporn Nature
one of my swaggy posters // Poster Zombies  Zombie Apocalypse
i really miss Mylove // LDR Longdistance Babe
i love Monster // Monsterenergy
got bored~ {i'm fine, just love this song} // Crystal Castles
pleasepleaseplease excuse my disgusting Thighs but i really love these Stockings
Horse ♥
i miss the Lake // Havasu Lake Havasu City Arizona
another Throwback // Redlips Greeneyes Selfie
Cat Paws
Cat Love ♥
Selfie bc i'm lame
Throwback am i cool yet
Family ♥
Docmartens Justkidding IWish
Cat ♥