Khuê An


"You may say I'm a dreamer..."
The fact that you still alive in this world keeps my heart alive. Kicmt Serenediary
"Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane."
Don't wanna spend time to look back and count how much time I've been wasting. Just count down to the next stages of life. Anncmt
I think I'm getting used to it... is it better if the pain healed? I don't wanna experience another days in life without this painful feeling. It could kill me by empty space. Kicmt
Many times in this period of life, I wish I could text you and tell you not to leave me alone with all of our dreams. I don't wanna read books and watch movies alone. Why did we end up with such an unfair situation?
Someday, there is no type of fighting in the world out there could be more important than your Math questions. Apparently, you seem to be taken back to yesterday. In fact, there would be the sign proving that you're growing up. We often travel in a circle to realize new things in old activities. Lorryofdreams Anncmt
It comes to the day that I finally run out of word describing my feeling. But I still can not remove it. Just keep it silently.
In the end of the day, we still try to cover ourselve by any sort of thing building fake "characteristics" - dresses, make-up bases, or perfume. The substances that could reveal your true color, always staying in our closet. No one could know. We neither, sometimes.
There is nowhere to run but your own heart. In every single choice of our lives, we still have to follow it eventually. So close your eyes and listen to it now, if there is no suffering, there is also no compassion. Lorryofdreams
"You're in my wish list." You said. But not anymore. I think you are having your new wish list for future now. Without me. Without our truck and our stuffs there. I left before seeing your new wish list someday. But you're still in mine........ Kicmt Howlongwilliloveyou Lorryofdreams
Trying to be optimistic! I am still fighting the feeling of regreting every single day, which is making me lose more and more precious time. Try harder. Just try harder. If I cannot win myself, everything in this world will.
"Cuộc sống hôm nay tuy vất vả - nhưng cuộc đời ơi ta mến thương..."
Ngày này đâu của vài năm trước. Chẳng bao giờ có thể thôi rộn ràng yêu thương khi nhìn thấy tà áo dài trắng. Mong chúng ta có đi cuối đất cùng trời, cũng giữ lòng tinh khôi như thế :)
[Making stuffs. Love urself.]
The society development never satisfies everybody. The-girl-from-yesterday still wanna use the Hero pen like when she was an elementary students. What could she do?
I don't have time to read novels, but this cover truly impressed me. A simple background, withered yellow roses and a request, or promise, or commitment... Nicholassparks Seeme
"Why study or try to change the world on a Friday afternoon when you could be out enjoy the sun?" Seeme Nicholassparks Serenediary Anncmt Lorryofdreams Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt
I feel that I'm carrying an ocean of missing in my mind, day by day. There is no perfect dream without you. Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt Kicmt Serenediary Anncmt Lorryofdreams
They were far apart. And they were back together from time to time. I really don't understand why it unreasonable when I want to see my best friend again. At the same time, I see myself is being tired of reaching to an "incredible" life which would has a lot of stories to tell you when we on "the trip" - because I started to doubt that you might never come. Alright, I know, how many people can get out of their "Shawshank" without needing some times. But how long? Kicmt Serenediary Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt
Friendship is the honest thing - and also brings the biggest shelter of Lying for Love to hide into. The point (usually) is - we just realize how important they are when they leaving. How many courage people can get to unfold their hearts? And how many chances people could get to hold them back? Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt Truelove Soulmates Friends RossandRachel
Looking at the first sun light on the windows, listening to Carpenters, thinking of my life in this period and missing you a little bit. I wonder how could you go through the hardest days alone, while i am being supported by my dearest people and still get hopelessness day by day when facing difficulties... I hate myself. Anncmt Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt
Pink life. Pink dream. Pink Nerd Studyholic Anncmt
I thought much about Choices my dear. Now I understand why people said that choices can make us become who we are and what we want. I really can't imagine how they take us go but I hope everything is gonna be okey. No longer are we the little girls next door but I still love seeing you happy. Let's cheer for our new choices of living. Chouchouandfriend
"I knew it wasn't fair, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it. And after a while, the anger I felt just sort of became part of me, like it was the only way I knew how to handle the grief. I didn't like who I'd become, but I was stuck in this horrible cycle of questions and blame." Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt Nicholassparks Kicmt Serenediary
"Decision as I go, to anywhere I flow. Sometimes I believe, a time where we should know." - Hope me and my dearest people have a happy new year! Thank God for giving me a goal to reach, at least in this dull time. I won't give up! Serenediary Anncmt Lorryofdreams Lorryofdreamswithoutseatbelt
Hello New Year 2016! Please be nice to me. I have been through a very very difficult year and now I am waiting for you with hope <3
"Một mùa đông, em đứng đó - một mùa đông êm đềm...!"- - - - - Giá có thể quay lại mùa đông năm đó, để thay đổi tất cả những mùa đông sau này...!
Khi không có Người trong đời sống, thì sẽ không có Giáng Sinh nào đủ đầy Tình Yêu.
Cầu chúc một Giáng Sinh an lành đến với những người thân yêu. Mình không có nhiều niềm vui năm nay, nhưng món quà duy nhất có thể tự tặng cho bản thân - là niềm lạc quan vào một năm mới tốt đẹp hơn, năm mà mình dự định dành hết cho việc học và thay đổi bản thân. Everything is gonna be okey! Try my best! Serenediary Christmas2015
Dear God, this is my super boring Christmas :( No job, no money, no my S.B, and the most important thing: Hope - is gonna go away. Please don't take it from me. I'm very tired now...! Christmas2015
An old photo from 2 years ago. My face is still not get older now, but my heart is. This Christmas doesn't bring back any good feeling...! Christmas2015
Hiep's wedding party. We're all grown up :)
"...You'd gone on with your life and I didn't want to think about you loving someone else. I wanted to remember us like we were that summer. I didn't ever want to lose that." Kicmt Nicholassparks Serenediary
"You may say he's a dreamer - But he's not the only one." Johnlennon Beatles Imagine Givepeaceachance Thebeatles Dreamer
Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet so untouchable, but her story and mine are different now. It wasn't easy for me to accept this simple truth, because there was a time when our stories were the same, but that was six years and two lifetimes ago. Kicmt Serenediary Nicholassparks
I stayed up last night but didn't feel tired. The morning light today made me feel like I'm driving in another world. Fresh and clean. I don't know why God choose this day to clear my mind after every messy things happened in my life yesterday. But today, I felt like I was officially received My Life Mission. I felt clearly the pain caused by past, I left clearly how much I need to be forgived by my beloved persons in my life. I felt clearly how I ready to step on the "long and winding road" beyond.... Thank God for giving me another life which begins from now. Thank you for everything :) Anncmt
Such a peaceful scene in life :) Monday morning coffee. Good friends. Good matcha. Cool music. 2 nice pull dogs. And a punch of disappointment send to me with a great pen-friend who can share with me all of those. Not very bad. Not very bad.
I know I don't have the right to continue or quit. It's all the same. But I just wanna confirm to myself that I have to QUIT! Forget you. Forget love. Forget our stupid dreams. Forget hope. Forget memories. Forget everything!!! Kicmt
Just like I can cry everywhere and everytime. I became a weakest creature in this world just in a few short days. Feeling like everything was lost, and I afraid of connecting to the world around me... Theendoftheworld - Photo: Three nails
One of my unchanged interest is listening to music when walking on the streets. Just like I am still a kid and I am learning to discover the world through my steps and the world's beautiful rhythm. Just like nothing in the world can find me at that time because no one except me know where I am going (sometimes I don't know either). But I know exactly what I want to do with my life, and my future :) Thank God for giving me the chance to find it out. I promise you, I will not giving up! Anncmt
Sometimes, I still wish I can spend all the young and beautiful moments with you. I really want to grow old by your side, not see you again when I would become an ugly elder... Kicmt Herethereandeverywhere
Is it wrong if I suddently realize that I still miss him? The one who had left my life for a rather long time ago. We had different choices without thinking of each other. He appeared in another one... and is it wrong if I choose the one just because he looked like him? Such a stupid thinking. Haizzzz Serenediary
Lần đầu được nhìn thấy hồ Gươm! :D Chouselfie Hanoi Hoguom
Sống sót qua ngày 1 ở đất Bắc mà vẫn ăn uống bình thường :D I looked like a kid when wearing this outfit :)) Hanoi Herethereandeverywhere Chougoaround
People must have something to believe, to protect and to follow it to the end of the life. If you believe in too many things, that's mean you believe nothing. Because everything in life connect and conflict together - we was born just to follow our own ways and complete our own mission. Anncmt
I always think of you whenever I look at a beautiful scene, or stay in a big lonely place. I don't feed sad, just miss you without any reason. Kicmt
Love this birthday present! <3 Chouchouandfriend Thebeatles Birthdaypresent
Missing this place :) Wish I can come there with you someday.
I've thought that living in the world without you is easy...! Actually, get away from someone's life really different from keep silence. Just try to keep silence. What did I try for? Kicmt Serenediary
Waking up in the morning is maybe not difficult, but waking up with a crazy sadness inside the heart is really not easy. I had to face this missing everytime I open my eyes. And after that I miss ur voice, ur breath and the way you whisper in my ears if I close my eyes again. How can I deal with it in my entire life? Kicmt Annkhuephotography