Pascal and Silvia Muñoz

Shooting with: Fujifilm X-T10, Snapshots with: iPhone 7
Pascal and Silvia Muñoz
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Closed door of old building
Low angle view of airplane flying against blue sky
Scenic view of agricultural field against sky
Close-up of dandelion against blue sky
Close-up of illuminated reflection in water
Close-up of yellow flower vase on table
Close-up of blue door
High angle view of escalator
Full frame shot of river
Chairs and yellow chair
Close-up of yellow leaf
Full frame shot of cobblestone
Close-up of frozen plants
Close-up of frozen tree
Full frame shot of paving stone
Close-up of butterfly on plant
Close-up of blue rusty metal
Close-up of padlock on rusty chain
Reflection of sky in puddle
Close-up of insect on plant
Close-up of mushroom growing on plant
High angle view of green plants
Cars moving on the road at sunset
Boats sailing in calm sea against sky
Silhouette buildings against orange cloudy sky
View of empty road at sunset
Close-up of lichen on cemetery
Silhouette of city during sunset
Close-up of bumblebee on pink flower
Close-up of a holding ice cream cone on street
Aerial view of city lit up at night
Silhouette of communications tower at sunset
View of calm lake at sunset
Scenic view of dramatic sky during sunset
High angle view of arrow symbol on road
Low angle view of communications tower against clear sky
Red telephone booth by river against cloudy sky