18 years. Music student. Live in London. All photos taken by me.

My mum bought me this pretty bangle from India. The design takes inspiration from the indian sweet kaju katli India Indian Bangle Indian Sweet Gift
I love art Art Ink Blue Drawing
Yum! Great way to start the day Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme Dounuts Donuts Sweet Treat Sweet Treat My World Of Food
Rainbow Colours
Isle Of Wight  House Field Nature Landscape
Pigeons Pigeons Birds Flying Sea Isle Of Wight  Cliff
Flowers Cliff Sea Nature Landscape Isle Of Wight  Edge Of The World
Beautiful Sun Rays Sun Rays Sky Clouds From My Window
Treat after a long first week at university Patisserie Patisserie Valerie Sweet Sweet Treats  My World Of Food French Mille Feuille
Played a gig at this church tonight Gig Church Music Musician Live Music Stained Glass Window
Double Rainbow Rainbow Colours
Field House Isle Of Wight  Nature Landscape
Freshwater Bay, Isle if Wight Cliff Nature Sea Landscape Isle Of Wight  Edge Of The World
Isle Of Wight  Sea Boat Cliff Nature
Sun Rays Sun Rays From My Window Sky Clouds
The veiw from the library at my university University University Campus University Life Library View Architecture Cafeteria
Rainbow Colours
Double Rainbow Double Rainbow Rainbow Colours
This view View Driving Isle Of Wight  Hills Landscape Nature
Flowers Cliff Nature Landscape Sea Isle Of Wight  Edge Of The World
Boat Sea Cliff Nature Isle Of Wight