18 years. Music student. Live in London. All photos taken by me.

Check out those teeth! Fox From My Window In My Garden Teeth The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
My freind's puppy Edie Puppy Cute Adorable Dog
My fake Stabucks name because apparently nobody can spell my name even when I spell it our for them Starbucks Name Fake Frappuccino
Worcester Cathedral Worcester Cathedral View The View From My Window Buildings Early Morning Westmidlands Hotel View
White Lioness White Lion Lion Lioness Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark
Lemur Woods Lemur Westmidlandssafaripark Westmidlandssafari Woods Trees
With the camels :) Camels Westmidlandssafaripark Westmidlandssafari That's Me! Self Portrait
He came to say hello :) Fox In My Garden From My Window The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Bluebells Flowers Park
Palm Honey Band Music Camden Bar
View from my hotel room Worcester View The View From My Window Hotel View Westmidlands Buildings Early Morning
Lazy Lions Lazing Around Lions Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark Hot Day
Penguin Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark
Baby Camel Baby Camel Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark Cute Sweet Adorable Small
Fox From My Window In My Garden
Bluebells Bluebells Flowers Park
Old Car Westmidlands Worcester
White Bengal Tiger Beautiful Tiger White Tiger BeNGaL TiGeR Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark Stripes
Lazin' in the sun Cheetah Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark Lazing Around Hot Day
He's lookin' at me Sideeye Penguin Westmidlandssafari Westmidlandssafaripark The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
This mummy and baby camel posing together were so cute!!! Baby Camel Camels Mummy Cute Love Sweet Adorable Westmidlandssafaripark Westmidlandssafari