Perla Martinez


OMGGGG❤ Alexstilz
New hair Ombre Style???
Can I just point out how Cute Baby Bella looks??❤? Niece  Bby Bella Cutie
I take selfies when I'm bored✌?
TBT to selfies with the new bestie?❤?
Spending my birthday with this girl love her bunches???❤
20 Facts? ?????????????? 1. My name is Perla Martinez 2. I'm 14 years old? 3. My birthday is in 25 days? 4. I love 02L they are my 3rd life @jccaylen @kikilawl @connorfranta @rickypdillon @trevormoran @sampottorff 5. I am going to meet the O2L boys next year with a couple of my friends? 6. I am officially going to a different school next year?? 7. I will miss alot of people and I want you guys to know I will visit and see everyone again? 8. Day I was born(August 8th,1999) 9. I am living with my sister now 10. I might go to Disney land for my birthday? 11. I am going to Morse High School 12. I don't really want to go to a different school? 13. I wish that my best friend hadn't moved so far away @that_flag_girl_doe_ 14.I am this age right now 15. I am learning how to play piano? 16. Color guard is an awesome sport and yes it is a national sport? 17. Its exactly 2:00 pm? 18. I am officially a sophomore? 19. I just ate fish tocos? 20. If you read all of this thank you for reading? ??????????????
Baby D. is too cute???❤?
Successful Day at the Fair???
Day 22- Black & White pic// Ss
Day 20- Baby Pic? JunePhotoChallenge
Bored Likeit Plez Tbh
Cousin Love???❤?
New outfit???