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Im 16 . Sportss[👯❤] R.H.S PomSquad December8🎉Dnt Follow Too UnFollow😑Snapchat-Berenice_08 Kik-Shortiee_Mizz_Thangg
Don't Mix Up Between My Personality &' My Attitudee , My Personalityy Is Mii &' My Attitudee Depends On Youu .
I Dnt Givee Anyy Reasonn Forr Anyyonee Too Hatee Mii , Theyy Createe Their Ownn Littlee Drama Outt Of Jealousyy!??
She Hurts Feelings , She Breaks Hearts , She Stays Quiet &' Plays Smartt??
Freshman Buddys
RHS Pom Squad
“Keep Smiling, Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing And There's So Much To Smile About.” ― Marilyn Monroe
Id Rather Havee A Enemy Who Admits They Hatee Mii Insteadd Of A Friendd Who Juss Talks Behindd Myy Backk !!;P GewwddNightee
Havent Posted In A Whilee (: Fwm Whaaddupp
Learn Too Sayy "NO" To Da Badd Stuff &' "YESS" To Da Gewwdd Stuff !