Paulien Tabak

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Paulien Tabak
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Close-up of insect on leaf
Close-up of red flower
View of building
Bird in water
Potted plant on wall
Brick wall with brick wall
Full frame shot of tree
Low angle view of bare trees against blue sky
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Interior of church
Full frame shot of wood
Close-up of ornate wall
Scenic view of lake against sky
Close up of water
Close-up of leaves
Road passing through trees
Scenic view of calm sea against clear sky
Low angle view of flowers against cloudy sky
Trees against sky
Scenic view of snow covered field
Scenic view of landscape
Bare trees in forest
Trees in water
Close-up of plant against blurred background
Close-up of leaves
Close-up of plant against blurred background
Close-up of water lily
Close-up of autumn leaves
Close-up of plant
Close-up of plant
Close-up of flowers
Low angle view of ceiling
Low angle view of church
Interior of historical building
Bridge over river against cloudy sky
Low angle view of historical building
Full frame shot of wall
Low section of man standing on water
Plants growing on a tree
Close-up of grass
Close-up of flower over black background
Close-up of leaves in water
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
Close-up of flowers over white background
Sunset over landscape