Patrik Widenqvist


Icecream(?) was blend as hell. Sorbet (blend) and the chokolat ganace was burnt when the melted the chokolat, so what could have been a saving dish left me with a great deal of bitter taste in my mouth!
Been here twice, luckely I havn't paid. For a restaurant called something like "the barbeque place" in english the meat is just a big ripp off. This is deer and had so much bad strings in it that a blind man will butcher it better just with his touch. Note the bloody tampong that neither cock or chef noticed before the sent it out.
Sad but tru, chefs fake it til they make it :( theese scalops have been fired on just one side for more than a minute, rest been done in the oven, result, bitter, burnt, hard scalops. To serve it with burnt leak soil is just wrooong.
Time to eat @kitchenandtable
Gott to say I love Nordic Choice.
Beautiful :)
Meeting ;)
Iphone camera is sooo small. Blackandwhite