patricia Hopkins


only use my Android. Probably I am too short with words. I see beauty wherever I go.
arabesque Nature Skeleton Close-up Spiral
Mes Chiens Behindglass Liquid Colors Mornings Pets Pets Of Eyeem Lookingoutside Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up
moment when color and movement converge Liquid Colors Abstractart Water Molten Gold Colored Liquid Multi Colored Gold Yellow Abstract Bubble Close-up Dissolving Flowing Rippled
happy Valentine's to all!!! Flower Head Flower Prickly Pear Cactus Peony  Pink Color Petal Springtime Orchid Blossom Close-up
about to drop Nature_collection Growth Nature Close-up Minimal Fresh On Eyeem  Macro_collection Water Leaf Drop Close-up Plant Green Color
bit of busy condominium... Blackandwhite Photography Conversation Bird Tree Bare Tree Branch Perching Raven - Bird Full Length Silhouette Shadow
Windows Of My World Nature_collection Minimal Macrophotography Treebud RainDrop Tree Winter Close-up
tough tasks Occupations Treetopping Manatwork Tree Backgrounds Bird Full Frame Branch Pattern Sky
morning sun Nature_collection Fauna Lizzard Bestoftheday Scaly Animal Themes Nature Photography Reptile Lizard Close-up My Best Photo
on the road Sunset Red Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Romantic Sky
these are scary times... Evening Sky Blackandwhite Photography Gothic Beauty  Cloudscape Shapes And Forms Windows Of My World Cumulus Cloud Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood
little splendors Aftertherain Low Angle View Macroplants Shapes And Forms Plant Part Windows Of My World Artphotography Nature Photography Macro Photography Thecolorofwater Bestoftheday Close-up
the no s--t Sherlock look Pets Of Eyeem Dogportrait Attitude Animal Themes Expressions ;) Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up Canine
grey day Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Windows Of My World Bird Water Tree Lake Reflection Sky Animal Themes
Dutch master corner.... Pixelated Tree Water Bird Lake Reflection Autumn Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape
Winterscene Reflections In The Water Heron Water Bare Tree Lake Branch Dried Plant Reflection Tree Egret
walls for nothing Useless Contruct Wall Minimal Shapes And Forms Close-up Architecture Built Structure Geometry Focus On Shadow Long Shadow - Shadow
more splash Droplets Collection Minimal Drops Aerial View High Angle View
splash Water Drop Red Liquid Full Frame Close-up
under the trees, plume trouve Feather  Nature_collection Shapes And Forms Artphotography Macro_collection High Angle View Close-up My Best Photo
macrophotography, black-and-white Black Background Biology Close-up
paisaje Beach Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Close-up Rough Plant Bark Knotted Wood Lichen Fungus
wide view Sunset Horizon Silhouette Oil Pump Beauty Dramatic Sky Calm Atmospheric Mood
long way from home Tree Telephone Line Sunset Road Rural Scene Silhouette Thunderstorm Cable Car Sky
variation Leaf Close-up Green Color Plant Ivy Creeper Tendril Vine Plant Pod
embraced Ivy Minimal Shapes And Forms Plant Part Curves Close-up Built Structure Building Exterior Creeper Creeper Plant Vine Tendril
right now Sky Lateevening Redskysunset Lookingup
sunbathing birds Wintertime Thebirds Bird Of Prey Perching Tree Bare Tree Animal Themes Close-up Raven - Bird Blackbird
favorite Earthwarming Surviving Anachronistic Season Confused Flower Head Flower Pink Color Leaf Close-up Plant Plant Life
nature paints Shapes And Forms Nature Photography Nature_collection Art is Everywhere Bestoftheday Multi Colored Leaf Change Close-up Leaf Vein Natural Pattern
be happy y'all!!!!!; Popular Music Concert Illuminated Nightlife Disco Lights Multi Colored Arts Culture And Entertainment Luminosity Nightclub Celebration Performance
last leaf of 2018....Happy New year!!!!!! Water Close-up
festive place ...passers by Warm Clothing Flower City Women Building Exterior Architecture Bauble Entertainment Festival Holi
good looking Attitude Bestoftheday Actor Oldwest Manwithhat Portrait Men Beard Headshot Front View Looking At Camera Close-up
Western sunset Fromabridge Celaje Clouds Nopeople Water Sunset Rural Scene Illuminated Bridge - Man Made Structure Reflection River
shopping City Low Section Pedestrian Human Leg Puddle Wet Walking Street Cobblestone Sidewalk
shopping.... Manwithhat Atthephone Sitting Men Bench Promenade
kindness room Minimal Nopeople Trainlike Spaces Glasswalls Architecture Publicspaces Yellow Window
colors Tallchair Colors Shapes And Forms Contrasting Colors Minimal Windows Of My World Chairs And Tables Publicroom Home Showcase Interior Window Furniture Armchair
pretty Objects Of Interest Object Photography Chair Chairs And Tables Colors Bestoftheday Purple Shapes And Forms Minimalist Photography
festive mood Nightlights Architecture Street Light High Street Residential Structure
From My Humble Place In The World To All My Friends, With Hope Tree Illuminated Roof Silhouette Moon House Sky Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure
Happy holidays!!!! Tree Water Backgrounds Full Frame Sky Close-up
Black And White Bellaluna!!  Nightskyphotography Moonlightscape Luna Fullmoon Backgrounds Full Frame Branch Sky
pondering.... Attitude Pets Portrait Dog Sitting Looking At Camera Close-up Chihuahua At Home Pampered Pets
colors of the season Macro_collection Pistils Hanging Multi Colored Close-up In Bloom Botany Blossom Pollen Colorful
delicate, these grass snakes are harmless to humans, eat insects, and are eaten by birds. Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Bestoftheday Nature Photography Garden Photography Artphotography High Angle View Close-up Wildlife
on Golden pond Animallife Coldmornings Aquatic Life Water Tree Hanging Reflection Sky Close-up
having the option of turning things around we could better bleakness.... Options FreewILL Illuminated Architecture Built Structure Diminishing Perspective Passageway Tunnel Hallway Light At The End Of The Tunnel Passage vanishing point
moving her antennas... Cherie Ladouce Thesoulfullook Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Black Color Close-up Canine Mixed-breed Dog My Best Photo
oppressive interiors Interior Views Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Shapes And Forms Shadowplay Corridor Long Corridors Backgrounds Pattern Full Frame
it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Festive Season BestEdits Natureartwork Festive Flower Flower Head Red Close-up
longing Lacrimosa <3 Minimal Drops Afterrain Beauty Water Backgrounds Blue Textured  Full Frame Close-up
drip drip Afterrain Minimal Windows Of My World Water Close-up Rainfall Rain Under Wet Droplet
old masters mood.... Art is Everywhere Warm Colors Pictorial Photography ColdMorning Tree Branch Sky Countryside Tranquil Scene Hazy
baroque Dry Fountain Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Shapes And Forms
I hear the freezing wind! Big Ears Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Puppy Close-up Mixed-breed Dog
mirror of my mood Painterlyphotos Shapes And Forms Leaf Autumn Red Change Sunlight Close-up Autumn Collection
a summer ago... Macrophotography Scarab Insect Close-up Arthropod Beetle Animal Antenna
evening Solar Energy Blackandwhite Photography Minimal Shapes And Forms Bestoftheday Windows Of My World Shadows & Lights Still Life Nopeople Minimalism Patio Close-up Black Background
minimal view Minimalism_bw Blackandwhite Photography Shadow Architecture Close-up Built Structure Geometry Focus On Shadow Abstract Backgrounds Long Shadow - Shadow Abstract
some days are perfect Tree Water Leaf Autumn Lake Branch Change Sky Close-up Maple Tree Autumn Collection Foreground Countryside Maple
my world Attitude Growth Nature Close-up Bestoftheday Wildflower Minimal Ephemeral Macro Photography Flower Yellow Black Background Petal Close-up Plant Botany Plant Life Dandelion
my morning Nature_collection Minimal Shapes And Forms Dewdrops_Beauty Windows Of My World Best Of EyeEm Artphotography Nature Photography Leaf Close-up Fall
dreamy encounter...delicate inhabitant, leave alone! Mydomain Scaly Nature_collection Silvery Animal Themes Snakehead Grasssnake Close-up Animal Scale Snake Animal Skin
light and shadows Joy Of Life Flower Head Flower Leaf Petal Close-up Plant Life Botany
fluffy Animalthemes Nature_collection Growth Nature Close-up Shapes And Forms Forager Hairycaterpillar Close-up Animal Themes Moth Wild Animal
little burst of color Magenta Nativeflora Flower Of The Day  Blommsoflatefall Tree Tree Trunk Close-up Sky Blooming
...this is serious!!! Seriousface Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up Pet Clothing
tempsperdu... ArtWork Eyem Best Shots Flower Flower Head High Angle View Uncultivated Close-up Plant
quantum of solace Autummood Beautiful Decay Bestoftheday Shapes And Forms Gracefully Dead Textures Close-up Autumn Mood
light is music Lifeisbeautiful Abstract Photography Flying Multi Colored Close-up Light Beam Music Concert Refraction Spectrum Sunbeam Shining
man care Black And White Photography Composition Shapes And Forms Things That Go Together Geometric Shape
right before sleep finds her.... Interpretation Artphotography Black And White Astronomy Space Water Galaxy Star - Space UnderSea Constellation Astrology Sign Motion Close-up
shadows Abstract Photography Design Shadow Backgrounds Full Frame Sunlight Pattern Focus On Shadow High Angle View Stone Tile Long Shadow - Shadow
against all happens Refraction Close-up Plant Plant Life
he has big ears, that get very cold....#colddays #reproachfullook #pets #browndog #cutecreature Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up Pet Clothing
from my own planet Wildflower Growth Nature Close-up Shapes And Forms Hairy  Nature Photography Flower Head Flower Close-up Plant Green Color
glorious Wintercoming Flying Motion Sky Dramatic Sky Silhouette Romantic Sky Moody Sky
getting darker Sunset Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Streaming
swift clouds Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Dramatic Sky Meteorology
cantata Artistes Flower Head Flower Pink Color Petal Red Close-up Plant
Cari amici, cosī lontani... Shadow Full Frame High Angle View Sunlight Close-up Surface
minimal Twig Minimalism Sand Textured  High Angle View Close-up
night Abstractphotography Nightcapture Illuminated Close-up
Imperfect temptress Shapes And Forms Flower Head Flower Purple Petal Orchid Close-up Plant Blossom In Bloom
rich colors Leaf Sand Multi Colored Close-up Textured  Backgrounds Natural Pattern Leaf Vein Fallen Detail
almost at the summit OnTheRocks! Minimal Animal Themes Ladybug Insect Close-up
Halloween cheers Halloween Images Ghostlycall Phonebooth Close-up Skeleton Human Skeleton
happy Halloween!! Oil Spill Puddle Sand Full Frame Backgrounds Pattern High Angle View Beach Low Section FootPrint
Raspberry Plant Fall Colors Leaf Pink Color Red Close-up Plant Plant Part Botany
dainty Shapeanpatterns Peartree Fallcolors Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color
bright appearance Raspberry Leaves Autumn Close-up Plant Leaves Plant Life Natural Pattern Botany
fallen Leafcollection Shapes And Forms Minimal Pattern Multi Colored Close-up Green Color Textured  Leaf Vein
halloweeners Selfies Witcheshats YoungPeople Friendship Togetherness Young Women Street Scene
trés chic Olè Blackdresses Profile Photo Dressedfortheoccasion Blackhatwithflowers Chapeau Gracefullady Attitude Elégance
gracefully elegant Flowersinthehat Elegantlady BlackHat Party - Social Event Happiness Celebration Drinking Glass Smiling
painterly portrait Painterly Beardedmanportrait Maturity Portrait Human Face Headshot Looking At Camera Textured  Men Close-up
view from the bar Traditions Lookingoutside Streetphotography Carriages  City Text Graffiti