patricia Hopkins


only use my Android. Probably I am too short with words. I see beauty wherever I go.
tempsperdu... ArtWork Eyem Best Shots Flower Flower Head High Angle View Uncultivated Close-up Plant
quantum of solace Autummood Beautiful Decay Bestoftheday Shapes And Forms Gracefully Dead Textures Close-up Autumn Mood
light is music Lifeisbeautiful Abstract Photography Flying Multi Colored Close-up Light Beam Music Concert Refraction Spectrum Sunbeam Shining
man care Black And White Photography Composition Shapes And Forms Things That Go Together Geometric Shape
right before sleep finds her.... Interpretation Artphotography Black And White Astronomy Space Water Galaxy Star - Space UnderSea Constellation Astrology Sign Motion Close-up
shadows Abstract Photography Design Shadow Backgrounds Full Frame Sunlight Pattern Focus On Shadow High Angle View Stone Tile Long Shadow - Shadow
against all happens Refraction Close-up Plant Plant Life
he has big ears, that get very cold....#colddays #reproachfullook #pets #browndog #cutecreature Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up Pet Clothing
from my own planet Wildflower Growth Nature Close-up Shapes And Forms Hairy  Nature Photography Flower Head Flower Close-up Plant Green Color
glorious Wintercoming Flying Motion Sky Dramatic Sky Silhouette Romantic Sky Moody Sky
getting darker Sunset Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Streaming
swift clouds Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Dramatic Sky Meteorology
cantata Artistes Flower Head Flower Pink Color Petal Red Close-up Plant
Cari amici, cosī lontani... Shadow Full Frame High Angle View Sunlight Close-up Surface
drama in a tea cup Swirl Art Blackandwhite Photography Abstract Photography Glimpse Of Light Geometric Abstraction Swirl Water Close-up Overhead View
minimal Twig Minimalism Sand Textured  High Angle View Close-up
night Abstractphotography Nightcapture Illuminated Close-up
Imperfect temptress Shapes And Forms Flower Head Flower Purple Petal Orchid Close-up Plant Blossom In Bloom
rich colors Leaf Sand Multi Colored Close-up Textured  Backgrounds Natural Pattern Leaf Vein Fallen Detail
remains Cells Leaf High Angle View Close-up Green Color Leaf Vein Plant Life
almost at the summit OnTheRocks! Minimal Animal Themes Ladybug Insect Close-up
Halloween cheers Halloween Images Ghostlycall Phonebooth Close-up Skeleton Human Skeleton
happy Halloween!! Oil Spill Puddle Sand Full Frame Backgrounds Pattern High Angle View Beach Low Section FootPrint
Raspberry Plant Fall Colors Leaf Pink Color Red Close-up Plant Plant Part Botany
dainty Shapeanpatterns Peartree Fallcolors Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color
bright appearance Raspberry Leaves Autumn Close-up Plant Leaves Plant Life Natural Pattern Botany
fallen Leafcollection Shapes And Forms Minimal Pattern Multi Colored Close-up Green Color Textured  Leaf Vein
halloweeners Selfies Witcheshats YoungPeople Friendship Togetherness Young Women Street Scene
trés chic Olè Blackdresses Profile Photo Dressedfortheoccasion Blackhatwithflowers Chapeau Gracefullady Attitude Elégance
gracefully elegant Flowersinthehat Elegantlady BlackHat Party - Social Event Happiness Celebration Drinking Glass Smiling
painterly portrait Painterly Beardedmanportrait Maturity Portrait Human Face Headshot Looking At Camera Textured  Men Close-up
view from the bar Traditions Lookingoutside Streetphotography Carriages  City Text Graffiti
braids Braids Grooming Horsemane Close-up Horse
paseo Paseo Southerntraditions Oldfashion Whitehorse Horsecarriage Waysoftransportation
plaything... somebody's sandbugg Menstyle Sports Photography Vehicle Close-up Model - Object
seven colors Architectural Feature Full Frame Wood - Material Door Close-up Building Exterior Built Structure Weathered
tired after exploring all day, losing definition Warped Perspective Reflected  City Cityscape Business Finance And Industry Downtown District Window Façade Residential Building Architecture
tourism Streetphotography Horsecarriage Traditions & Rituals Land Vehicle Stationary Built Structure Architecture
happy place City Footbridge River Architecture Built Structure Arch Bridge Canal
ancient oaks Historical Place Shapes And Forms Windows Of My World Tree Branch Tree Trunk
wooden structure Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Traditional Building Historic Passageway Architectural Detail Exterior History
wide road and wider sky... Roadtrip Storm Empty Road Atmospheric Mood Moody Sky vanishing point Overcast Diminishing Perspective The Way Forward Cloudscape
historic building Spanish Colonial Building History Façade Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure
fine lines Autretemps Cityscape Slimlines Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure
caligari Jr... My Cabinet Littleshelfofhorrors Multi Colored Full Frame Abstract Pattern Backgrounds Close-up
morning encounter Fantastic Being Winged Creature Apparition Insect Close-up
Vita brevis Butterfly - Insect Insect Animal Wing Animal Themes Close-up Moth Invertebrate Winged
colors of fall Fallcolors
complications of age... Shapes And Forms Dectepitude Complexity Close-up Plant Tangled
meditation Seriousface Blackandwhite Photography Attitude Pets Of Eyeem Cranky Portrait Photography Dog Profile Full Frame Close-up Drawn
big eyed baby Macro Beauty Macro Photography Perching Full Length Insect Macro Side View Close-up Animal Themes Animal Antenna
overcast TheRain Drip Refraction Water Hanging Drop Reflection Close-up Green Color RainDrop
sudden hope, a high flyer Silouette & Sky Blackandwhite Photography Shapes And Forms Attitude Lost in the Landscape Majestic Creature Frommypointofview
abstract Twigs And Branches Minimalism Photography Blahh Absract Art Minimalism Red Close-up
temp dropped! Dogportrait Pets Of Eyeem Animal Themes Doginsweater Colddog Pets Dog Close-up Lap Dog
obscured Window Close-up Architecture Built Structure Skylight Decorative Art Architectural Feature Architectural Design Window Frame Interior
beautiful being Macro Photography Macro Beauty Wasp Blackandwhiteinsect Insect Close-up Animal Themes Animal Antenna
aerodynamic Wasp Macro Shapes And Forms Pollinator In Action Animal Themes Minimal Windows Of My World Nature Photography Insect Close-up
not for the fearful...I get too close sometimes... WAP Flower Flower Head Red Insect Leaf Close-up Animal Themes Plant Pollination Animal Antenna Symbiotic Relationship
crinolines... Minimal Shapes And Forms Bestoftheday Plant Part Macroplants Abstractart Abstract Photography Sophisticated Ladies Beauty Indecay Whatlaysbeneath Close-up
rainy afternoon City Cityscape Urban Skyline Skyscraper Fog Business Modern Business Finance And Industry Downtown District City Life
piove piove.. City Water Urban Skyline Skyscraper Storm Cloud Cityscape Modern Sky Cable-stayed Bridge Atmospheric Mood
traveling in the rain Highways&Freeways Blackandwhite Photography Nopeople City Road Storm Cloud Weather Wet Sky Architecture
study Nature_collection Blackandwhite Photography Shapes And Forms Bestoftheday Growth Nature Close-up Close-up
hairy worm Animal Themes Nature_collection Seasonal Photography Macro_collection Shapes And Forms Leaf Insect Close-up Plant Caterpillar
butter fly day Monarch Butterfly Butterfly Minimal Windows Of My World Randomness Landing Blue Insect Close-up
past trip Rural America Agriculture Silo EyeEm Selects Sky Architecture Built Structure Grass
nectating Butterfly Insects Beautiful Nature Full Length Perching Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Plant Animal Antenna Pollination
She EyeEm Selects EyeEm Best Edits Dogportrait Blackandwhite Photography Friendship BlackDog Pets Dog Portrait Looking At Camera Close-up
pre Christmas Water Full Frame Backgrounds Close-up Green Color Plant Water Drop Needle - Plant Part Drop
Backgrounds Textured  Full Frame Pattern Leaf Abstract
rotting away.... Métaphore Shapes And Forms Somethingsrotten High Angle View Close-up Mosaic Geometric Shape
little creature Insect High Angle View Close-up Animal Themes Butterfly - Insect Wildlife Animal Antenna
hidden Wildlife & Nature Animalthemes Insect Close-up Moth Animal Wing Animal Antenna
still blooming Flower Head Flower Pink Color Purple Close-up Plant In Bloom Blossom Botany Plant Life
ragna, Arachne, araña, spider Animalthemes Bestoftheday Prey Animals Insect Arachnid Arthropod
reading Geometric Window Pattern Checked Pattern Close-up Architecture Built Structure Grid
from the balcony Urbanview Balconyview City Sky Architecture Built Structure Close-up Building Exterior
hope Bud Vegetable Close-up Green Color Plant New Life Plant Life Beginnings Plant Stem
atmospheric City Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Storm Cloud Overcast Cumulonimbus Atmospheric Mood Dramatic Sky Sky Only
dramatic sky Storm Cloud Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Cumulonimbus
pour Charles., toujour, je t'aimere Greats Of The World Flower Wet
when several doors are used almost simultaneously Interiors Doorporn Doors Moving Side-view Mirror
conglomeration : how what you own tells who you are... Travellingheavy China Cabinet Domestic Life Shelf Home Interior Variation Domestic Room
shiny armor Beetle Macroinsectphotography Animal Themes Insects  Opalescent Animal Themes Close-up Bug
camping on a mushroom Beetle Insect Full Length Close-up Animal Themes Arthropod
lust Wildflower Photography BestEdits Bestofday Growth Nature Close-up Shapes And Forms Artphotography ArtWork Iwantacrown Flower
lady in thorny plant Ladybug Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Plant Green Color
pardon me if I don't get closer... Animal Themes Insect Photography Macro_collection Windows Of My World Insect Animal Themes Close-up
bellissima! Mushrooms Gallery Dior Trëselegante Shapes And Forms Growth Nature Close-up Close-up Plant Plant Life Botany
from my planet Rainy Days Macroplants Growth Nature Close-up Windows Of My World Water Close-up Plant
this pics are possible because he wants to know what I'm doing Lizzardcollection Reptile Leaf Close-up Animal Themes Green Color Lizard
he knows me Garden Photography Lizzardcollection Bestoftheday Close-up Animal Themes Green Color
my little green friend Reptilian Lizzard Leaf Flower Water Close-up Plant Green Color
Naturart Nature Photography Autumn Leaves Autumn colors Autumn Leaf Autumn Change Close-up
morning light Nopeople Staircase Indoor Photography Door Shadow Steps And Staircases
not a McDonald's employee...ha ha Insect High Angle View Wood - Material Close-up Wildlife
absortion Semitransparency Macroplants Purple Flower Hardrain Flower Head Flower Petal Purple Close-up Plant
pretty baby Bud Vegetalia Pink Color Textured  Multi Colored Full Frame Purple Studio Shot Close-up
fast shot Spider Insect Close-up Arachnid Jumping Spider