Pati Coukell


Hanging Out Light
Papaya, melon & kale smoothie. Refreshing! Greensmoothie Greensmoothieoftheday
Houses I Love: Winter night series Oldhouse House Houses I Love
Beauty Of Decay Church SignSignEverywhereASign Red
Caterpillar sheds it skin to find a butterfly within ~Donovan Caterpillar
Beauty Of Decay Beauty
Winter nights series Houses I Love Old House Old Houses Homesweethome
Built 1887 Beauty Of Decay BOB Brick Old Building Church Old Building
Beer Beer Bottle Bottles Hanging Out
True beauty is multi-layered and has depth. It comes in a variety of colours. It has smooth edges and rough skin. It is all ages. It is wisdom. Find beauty wherever you look. Enjoying Life Beauty
Winter Nights series Houses I Love
Hanging Out Lavender EyeEm Nature Lover
On The Road No Stopping
Houses I Love: Winter night series Houses I Love House Oldhouse
At the Veterinarian's office Hanging Out Animal_collection
North American Walkingstick