Pace Gillette-Aird


Bedtime stories
One day we will get the food in the mouth
Standing up in his packnplay
Most kids have a favorite toy or blanket. Rainy loves his hair brush.
Sitting by himself in the cart like a big ol' man
Thanks to Adriana at Sprout I no longer look a frumpy mom
The view from my office
Thanks grandma and grandpa for my new ride
Good morning
So hard to get out off bed to get ready for work and leave this behind
Just a reminder from Rain to ...
Not sure why this was at Target in Baltimore but we had to have it.
All dressed up for Christmas
Thanks cousin Alice for my favorite toy.
This is 30 seconds later
This is the "stop trying to convince me I need a nap/naps are for suckers" face
My favorite toothless grin