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Torres del Paine is truly a fantastic place... however maybe not the best place for a remote adventure. Check out the last blogpost (link in bio) for more pictures and the story. Beauty In Nature Mountain Outdoors Nature Torres Del Paine Patagonia Andes Mountains Sunset Pehoé Lake Cloudscape
The iconic summits of Torres del Paine National Park : the Cuernos del Paine. Check out my blog (osteinerphoto.com) for more pictures and the story. Travel Photography Fujifilm_xseries Nature Traveling Mountain Landscape Torres Del Paine Patagonia Chile Andes Mountains Paine Grande Bad Weather Cuernos Del Paine Beauty In Nature Sunset Fuji Xt1
The incredible valley between Carhuacocha Lake and Siula Punta in the Huayhuash trek. When are you going there ? Check my blog (osteinerphoto.com) for the full story and more photos ! Tranquil Scene Mountain Range Travel Destinations Sky Beauty In Nature Hiking Scenics Outdoors Fujifilm_xseries Perù 🇵🇪 Travel Photography Nature Ancash Huayhuash Andes Fuji X-T1 Traveling Mountains Trek Trekking Landscape Mountain Siula Grande Lake Cloud - Sky
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Cuba, Viñales. Tobacco plantations, farms, palm trees... Situated in the heart of a National Park, Viñales is worth much more than a visit. Spend some time there, stay a week or more. Beaches are not too far, trails are amazing, and life is quiet. Enjoy. Check out my blog for more pictures and stories : osteinerphoto.com Crop  Cuba Farm Field Growth National Park Nature Rural Scene Tobacco Tobacco Barn Tranquil Scene Travel Travel Photo Travel Photography Traveling Viñales
Going from Fiambala to Copiapo, you have to drive near the Nevado Ojos del Salado. The best place to camp if you want to attempt an ascent on the Chilean side is the Laguna Verde, a large lake above 4000 m. On the east side of the lake you can admire some crazy colored springs like this one. Chile Laguna Verde Copiapó Lake Colored Water Colored Spring Andes Mountains Ojos Del Salado Atacama Puna De Atacama Travel Travel Photography Travel Photo Outdoors High Altitude Landscape Scenics Nature Beauty In Nature Remote Adventure
The Uyuni Salar is the largest salt desert in the world. When you step on it, you have the feeling to jump in a white sea. You will find island in the middle and the shore is packed with amazing volcanoes. On the north shore, there is a small town : Tahua, just under the Tunupa Volcano. On the evening the light is often great, and when some clouds are stepping in the game it is just incredible. Just go visit this place. Mountain Tunupa Salar De Uyuni Uyuni Uyuni Salt Flat Salt Desert Bolivia Sky Cloud - Sky Cloudy Remote Solitude Cloudy Sky Black And White Photo Black And White Photography Travel Photography Travel Photo Travel Cloudscape Volcano Andes Altiplano Dramatic Sky Black And White
Those past 3 weeks in El Chalten haven been really disapointing. However the landscape was quite stunning ! I'll tell the story in the next blogspot (link in bio) Nature Mountain Tranquil Scene Outdoors Landscape Fitz Roy Andes Mountains Patagonia El Chalten River Fuji X-T1 Fuji X Series Blackandwhite Black & White Blackandwhite Photography Black And White Photography Adventure
Another black and white pic of Torres del Paine National Park and the constant bad weather. Check out the last blogspot (osteinerphoto.com) for more pics and the story. Bad Weather Sky Paine Grande Mountains Andes Chile Patagonia Torres Del Paine Landscape Mountain Traveling Nature Fujifilm_xseries Travel Photography Black And White Black And White Photography
Huayhuash Trek. Leaving Laguna Mitucocha for the alpine option. Amazing day, amazing light, amazing mountains. Read the whole story about this trek in the next article in my blog : osteinerphoto.com Mountain Landscape Cloud - Sky Jirishanca Trekking Trek Mountains Traveling Fuji X-T1 Andes Huayhuash Ancash Nature Travel Photography Perù 🇵🇪 Fujifilm_xseries Outdoors Scenics Hiking Beauty In Nature Sky Mountain Range Travel Destinations Tranquil Scene Beauty In Nature
Hatun Machay is probably the biggest climbing spot of Peru. Only problem : altitude. At 4200 m it requires some acclimatation. But the scenery, the quality of the climb, the awesome rock and the wide variety of climb are incredible. When are you going there ? Check the last article on my blog : http://osteinerphoto.com/2016/12/01/in-the-streets-of-huaraz-peru/ Climbing Rock Climbing Hatun Machay Perù 🇵🇪 Nature Cordillera Negra Rock Huaraz, Peru Ancash Travel Vertical Verticality Travel Photography Mountain Landscape Sky Fuji X-T1 Fujifilm_xseries My Year My View
In the streets of la Habana. Walking for a couple of days in La Habana, Cuba was a great and humbling experience. Check out my last articles for more pictures and stories : osteinerphoto.com (in french and english) Car Transportation Road Cloud - Sky Cuba La Habana Sunset Malecón, La Habana Old Car Convertible Street Streetphotography City Urban Street Photo Street Photography Travel Travel Photography Travel Photo Canon 5D Mark II Caraïbes La Habana Vieja Travel Destinations My Year My View
After climbing a nice multi pitch route in the cordillera Negra we just got lucky enough to have the best view on the cordillera Blanca. The best reward after the effort. Mountain Cloud - Sky Sky Landscape Tranquility Antacocha Huaraz, Peru Cordillera Blanca Andes Mountains Andes Cloudy Green Blue Travel Travel Photography Ancash Adventure Remote Beauty In Nature Idyllic My Year My View
Trekking in the Puna de Atacama, on the way to Nevado Ojos del Salado. This place is as wide as possible. Nothing stands there, above 5000 m. Not even grass. Rocks, stone are everywhere around. It is beautiful, magic, out of this world. This is the mule driver bringing our bags at Aguas Vicuñas on day 2 of the trek. Blackandwhite Black And White Cloudscape Cloud Mountain Remote Outdoors Dramatic Sky Travel Travel Photography Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Black And White Photography Black And White Photo Travel Photo Cloudy Sky Mountains Atacama Ojos Del Salado Andes Desert Puna De Atacama Tranquil Scene Landscape Scenics Tranquility Sky Non-urban Scene Mountain Range Beauty In Nature Cloud - Sky Nature Travel Destinations Day Physical Geography Tourism Solitude Cloudscape
Hanging out near El Chalten. The landscape is great, but trails are definitely over crowded. Landscape El Chalten Patagonia Andes Mountains Mountain Lamdscape Blackandwhite Black And White Photography Black And White Photo FUJIFILM X-T1 Fuji X-T1 Fuji X Series Nature River Clouds
The iconic Cuernos del Paine in Torres del Paine National Park. Awesome view from Pehoe lake. Check out my last blogspot for more pictures and the story (osteinerphoto.com) Mountain Landscape Torres Del Paine Patagonia Chile Andes Mountains Cuernos Del Paine Sky Bad Weather
First day in the Huayhuash, getting ready for a 8 days trek above 4200 m. This camp, Quartelhuain, is at the trailhead and offers a good glimpse at what the next 8 days would be. Check the link in bio (osteinerphoto.com) for more pictures about this incredible trek in the next article ! Mountain Beauty In Nature Hiking Scenics Landscape Camping Outdoors Fujifilm_xseries Perù 🇵🇪 Travel Photography Nature Ancash Huayhuash Andes Fuji X-T1 Traveling Mountains Trek Trekking Camp Bivouac Jirishanca Sunset
On the road in Bolivia. Wide, empty and amazing road, litteraly between earth and sky. Let's bord for a trip out of this world... check my website for more pics and stories. Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Traveling Travel Photography Travel Travel Photo Blackandwhite Black And White Photography Blackandwhite Photography Bolivia Andes Altiplano Roadtrip Remote Altitude My Year My View
This trip in Cuba last easter was definitely interesting. I spent a couple of days in La Habana, wandering around, shooting pictures of the vivid daily life. Check out my last article and a bunch of photos on my blog and don't hesitate to share, comment, like 😊 http://osteinerphoto.com/2016/10/22/cuba-hasta-la-victoria-siempre/ Ancient Caraibbean Trip Caraïbes City Cuba La Habana La Habana Vieja La Habana, Cuba Street Street Photo Street Photography Streetphoto Streetphotography Travel Travel Destinations Travel Photo Travel Photography
I took this picture a while ago when I was still living in this area. Old Castle, large woods, small villages... yes this is the North Vosges, north east of France near the German border. You don't know it ? You should check it out 😉 Winter Snow Nature Sunset Waldeck Eguelshardt Ruin Castle Old Old Buildings Old Castle Landscape France Vosges Vosges Du Nord Ruins Cold Temperature Village Remote Beauty In Nature Scenics Tranquility My Year My View