D. Trouble


New guitar for my son. Sg Gibson Epiphone
Went to baseball game with my son.
Rehearsal time. Union Trouble Osaka,Japan
Nice day for a bike ride down to Shinsaibashi.
4am Saturday. L-R John "Jughead" Pierson of Screeching Weasel fame, Ben of Universal Studios Japan Harry Potter fame, and Me of drunk as fuck fame..... USJ In Osaka Rock Bar Cherry Bomb Screeching Weasel
Listening to friends bands and waiting for you all to come have a drink.
20 years ago back home in America. Band rehearsal. I was 23 years old and had just gotten my 1st haircut in about 11 years.
Sunset over Nishiyodogawa.
Good morning Osaka.
From Saturday nights gig.
Rain rain go away.
Work time.
Looking tired as I take a two hour lunch break and get some Takoyaki.
G'night y'all.
Nice day for a bike ride to Abeno for work. But it was soooo windy and cold.
7am this morning coming home from work. Nice view on the bridge.
Kebabs. Near my bar in Higashi Shinsaibashi.
Where's my girl?
Join me?
Kobe Mötley Crüe
Mötley Crüe were awesome! Kobe Mötley Crüe
Soooo good!
Getting read for Motley Crüe on Wednesday!! Rock Bar Cherry Bomb
Fading from memory. Black & White Wasting Time
Instagram : Double_D72
Headed to work.
On the way home. I've seen this every week for the past four years or so. Finally took a pic.
My friend Yoko.
My friend Yoko came into the bar tonight all dressed up for Setsubun.
Setsubun. Ate my Makizushi facing South Southwest. Let's have a good year ya'll !
Working out on a regular basis now. Small steps. But it's paying off.
About to open up the bar. Come have a drink! Peter Criss Ace Frehley
Saturday night, on the way to buy beer and going to my gig.
Between classes. Sunset. Sunset
Me, at last nights gig. Route26 Sakai Osaka Union Trouble
Rainy days like this remind me of home in the Pacific Northwest. Osaka,Japan Rainy Days Weather
Just a taste of my music selections.
I made some very tasty burgers for myself tonight.
Beer trooper!
Last Halloween.
Tacos before work. Rock Bar Cherry Bomb Taco Tuesdays
My ride home last night.
Got home late last night.
6 months ago?
Headed to work. Biking in the rain sucks.....
Relaxing Even God's of Thinder need to soak in a tub from time to time.
Umeda from Nishiyodogawa. Nightphotography Cityscape Osaka,Japan
One down, 5 to go. Craftbeer Orange Chocolate Stout.
Anyone wanna get drunk with me? Invite me over! Haha must be in Osaka, preferablely in Nishiyodogawa. Craftbeer
Had curry in Juso tonight on my way home from Craft Beer Base!
Some of my camera gear.
Now that I'm done with work, I've nothing else to do today. No band rehearsal tonight and not working at the bar either. What shall I do?
A few weeks ago. A customer braided my beard. I need someone to do that everyday haha. Beard Beardlife Rock Bar Cherry Bomb
Today's lunch. Sushi
There's always a huge thing of Ikebana flowers in the entrance at my school. IKEBANA
My wonderful Nikon.
It's Me Beard Hey! Look At My Boring Life. Black & White
My band's next gig. In Sakai at Route26. 1/31. Union Trouble Route26 Sakai Osaka
Had a really filling and satisfying Ramen dinner tonight in Umeda. Maybe tomorrow night I'll go to Juso to find something.
Nerdgasm Boo Berry Franken Berry TMNT🐢 Wolverine
Score! Boo Berry Franken Berry Nerdgasm
Time for work. Rock Bar Cherry Bomb
Windy day = messy hair.
Cold night. Hot chocolate.
Very good Ale! Craft Beer House Molto. Craftbeer
Decent IPA at Craft Beer House Molto. Craftbeer
Nice Porter. At Craft Beer House Molto in Hankyu Grand. Craftbeer
Good Ramen. Kenchan Ramen near Himejima station. Ramen
Anyone in Osaka wanna go with me sometime?! I loooooove Zundoya Ramen!! Ramen Ramen Porn Zundoya Osaka,Japan
Rock Bar Cherry Bomb
Rocking out in my old man sweater and Metallica t-shirt.
Can't sleep, woke up early.
Bar Salt Of The Earth in Tannimachi 9 chome.
I'm back!
CHUPACABRA TACO & Brooklyn Lager!! Rock Bar Cherry Bomb Taco Tuesdays