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Conferences by day but Viva Las Vegas by Night... Dusk City Neon Sky Illuminated Urban Skyline Outdoors Horizontal People_bw Cityscape Hdr_Collection Bw_collection Snapseed
I could Feel the Night breathing as I celebrated my sister's 30th year on Earth ...we are getting old(er) Nightphotography Night Lights Streetphotography Alexandria, VA Cities At Night
Get your Exercise on Ghana style while capturing the Aburi Landscape ... Peoplephotography Landscape_Collection Hdr_Collection Red Gold And Green Showcase: January
I enjoy Family Time, we are a Silly, hard working and Happy bunch. RePicture Family Faces Of EyeEm
I looked above me and found the most eager Heavenly Audience ... Hdr_Collection People Watching Orthodox Church Greek
Why not befriend an Ambulance when we can enjoy the beautiful Scenery together... Water_collection Skyporn Landscape_Collection
I was a Red Firehydrant then that Kofi guy turned us Blackandwhite NEM Street AMPt - Street Streetphotography
It seems as though I was stopped by force...such is life Mode Of Transport Journey Stopmotion Outdoors Stop Motion Stop Sign SaabLove Enjoying The View Maximalist Vinci
Right in the belly of... NEM Black&white AMPt - Shoot Or Die Landscape_Collection Alexandria, VA Maximalist Editoftheday
Nothing like Watching Happiness in Motion ... Repicture Fatherhood Fatherhood Blackandwhite Bw_collection
Walking Around the back streets of Philadelphia ... Time with old Friends , we are clearly becoming Old... Urbanexploration
These Javtis Center Windows look good in Blackandwhite ... Glass_collection AMPt - My Perspective
A little Blurry maybe it was the London Fog ... NEM Street Bw_collection AMPt - My Perspective
NEM Street I guess you could say they are Sunbathing , i hope they put on their SPF. Skyporn Landscape_Collection Let's Do It Chic!
An old picture from Lyon I forgot I even had that I decided to upload to Instagram ...I find this Statue so majestic for some reason. Light And Shadow Doors Simplicity
Funny enough, it is not the Freedom you have trouble seeing here in Ghana bit rather the Justice and to some extent Honor ... Blackstar Square Blackandwhite Bw_collection NEM Black&white AMPt - Shoot Or Die Nature_collection Leavesporn
As it gets cold, looking at this picture of the Philadelphia Summer Sky makes me smile. We Danced, we sweated, some fell and some just sat and enjoyed the Music differences in background ignored just Unity. That my friend was Madeinamerica 2015 ... Cloudporn Peoplephotography Statue Concert Photography Light And Shadow
Hey Pole, cheer up and stop looking so Blue ... Bricks Hopewell Virginia Small Town Public Places
Looking over yonder... Aviary Vscocam The Maximals (more Edit Juxt MAX It) Richmond, VA Landscape_Collection Hdr_Collection Urbanexploration
The Motion of this Night still lives with me... NEM Street Vscocam Urbanexploration
A the corner of Luck Street, where Preparation Avenue and Opportunity Boulevard meet. NEM Street Streetphotography Yankee Stadium AMPt - Street