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Jazzy Fresh. Mother of 2. Gamer. Awesome person♡
Sora Michael♡♡ Sora  Son Smile ✌ Happykid
Jazzyfresh Bed Time ♥ Me Selfie
Kairi AnnaLeia Daughter Jazzyfresh Kairiannaleia Love
more blah Nerd Jazzyfresh Selfie Silly
blah First Eyeem Photo
Sora is loving the Scott Pilgrim video game soundtrack! .Black lights and neon lights dancing to music. Sora  Mommyandson Scottpilgrim Recordstoreday rsd fun ilovehim jazzyfresh
One of About 15 crates.been collecting for about 10 years now. Music keeps me happy. Listening to Harvest by Neil Young. Records Recordstoreday Vinyl Heartofgold neilyoung thirdmanrecords jackwhite jazzyfresh clarksville collector instagram instalife
In honor of record store day... here's one from Rsd2013. White Stripes Rsd Recordstoreday Vinyl Records collector whitestripes jazzyfresh igers musiclover jackwhite jwiii
Michelle, ma belle Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble Tres bien ensemble Sleepy Jazzyfresh Watchingdragonballz Goku redhair needmyglaasestocome isitmonday tattoohurts clarksville
Not done yet but totally love it so far. ♡♡♡ @noegretstattoo Peterpan Tattoos Disney Jazzyfresh instagram instalife
Jazzy Fresh. MORNING INSTAGRAM...IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Jazzyfresh Igers Ig Clarksville thatcoffeerun
Snowwhite Kairi Kairiannaleia Mydaughter mylove kk keenerfam jazzyfresh
My baby lol. Mommy son errands day. Mommyandson Jazzyfresh Sora  MyBOO hemakesmelaugh ilovehim
My Princess♡ My Baby♡ My Boo ♡ My Love♡ My Everything. I love you boo almost 1.5 months♡ Instalife Ig Igers Kairiannaleia kairi keener jazzyfresh keenerfam myboo instababies babiescutekids clarksville tn tattoos tattoogirls bday II.X.MMXIV
II.X.MMXIV THE DAY MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL WAS BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE. Jazzyfresh Ig Tattoo NewTat kairiannaleia tattoogirls instalife igers
Justchillin Jazzyfresh Pictures Lights blackandwhite b&w
My baby girl..... Kairiannaleia Kairi Instababies Igers iger koreanmexican myboo jazzyfresh babies mygirl 2weeks in this pic
Took my daughter to get her pictures done.. ♡♡ Kairi Kairiannaleia Keenerfam MyBOO mylilgirl instababies jazzyfresh clarksville rubyjunephotography keenerfam difficult
That's my baby. 13 days old. :D MyBOO Princesskairi Jazzyfresh Mommyslilgirl 13daysold instababies instagram clarksvilletn sleepingbeauty
12 days after... need to be able to work out :/ Wannabefit 12dayspp Hadmybaby Mommy hashtag jazzyfresh
Haha Xmas @thejoshdanger @trentsinger
Me and my Baby girl Kairi AnnaLeia Keener♡♡ Appleofmyeye Jazzyfresh Instagram Mommy clarksville happy finallyhome kairi
WCW the lovely Erica♡♡♡ Wednesday Beautiful Clarksville wifeystatus Jazzyfresh @boojiqueendoodoopants231
IHOP date :) w @boojiqueendoodoopants231 Foodtime Moviesnext Ihop Nopancakesthankyou jazzyfresh erikuhhh
First selfie of 2014. Lol Jazzyfresh Newyears Mommytobe Me selfie longhair noglasses blah onemorehour
Shit always hits the spot. Kimchi Kimchijigae Kimchisoup momma made me food. Mmm Rice dinner jazzyfresh
Lastone Bathtimeforsora Instagram Jazzyfresh selfie Me smiles clarksvilletn babyitscoldoutside
Nofilters Jazzyfresh Selfie Me blah clarksville clarksvilletn mexicantvtimecheechnchong
Me Jazzyfresh Instagram Clarksville clarksvilletn cantseemysnakebites darkhair
What dis ninja looking at.?!? Work Blah MissMyBaby Haroldandkumar clarksville clarksvilletn mexican selfie
Pictures make me look so small lol. But this weekend I'll be going on 7 months and one wwek:D Proudmommy Jazzyfresh Instagram Preggers 7months clarksville clarksvilletn mommytobe mommywerehavingagirl
Birthday girl. Lol getting old as hell lol. MyBday Mommy Jazzyfresh Helloinstagram teal nashvillebound clarksvilletn mommytobe longhair
Oh jebus yes. Man I'm so hungry. Craving Kimchisoup Kimchijigae Rice Yummy happymommy jazzyfresh momos clarksville
@lois_g do you like this
Ok officially 6 and a half months lol. ^.^ Timeflys Mommy Jazzyfresh Clarksville goodmorning leopardprintlonghair tryingtokeepasmile
Pumpkins Carving 2013 Halloween jazzyfresh sora shanekino done lightningmcqueen
6.5mo pregnant. Lol cmon baby come out soon!!!! Preggo Jazzyfresh Blah WorkTime
Lol blah. Work Jazzyfresh Clarksville Clarksvilletn me mexican preggo
My baby excited. Lol he wanted to see Nightofthelivingdead  with me and dad. Movienight Sora  Jazzyfresh fashionkid mybaby love
MusicTime Cleaningcds Work Isit10yet ? clarksville jazzyfresh
My WCW Milak Iloveher Beauty
♥♥ my stash lol @jaaydott
Omg so happy hes homw!!! Sora  Mylove Jazzyfresh
Myjs Instagram Jazzyfresh Igers jordans my shoes ilovemyjs home
Jazzyfresh Instagram Me Atwork phoneneedstocharge iwannagohome tired clarksville clarksvilletn
Faces of Jazzyfresh . Instagram Work Blah longhair selfie noglasses
Work Work Work Jazzyfresh instagram iger blah clarksville clarksvilletn
Yeaimbored Ugh Jazzyfresh Blah netflixtime
Outside Imbored Jazzyfresh Igers feelsawesomeoutside clarksvilletn