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Lagos based photographer.
d a f i d i Model: @damii_dave Agency: @fusemanagement Photography: @ofureighalo #wefuse #fuseboy #bnw #malemodel #onelight #monochrome #ofureighalo Blackandwhite Onelight Ofureighalo Monochrome Bnw Fuseboy Malemodel  Wefuse Portrait Close-up Artist's Model Fashion Model Posing
Monochrome Fitness Ofureighalo Bnw Model City Biker Motorcycle
Monochrome Parking Lot Blackandwhite
Blackandwhite Plant Monochrome Photography Nature Ofureighalo
Blackandwhite Portrait Reycortez Lagos
Lagos Blackandwhite Portrait Reycortez
Blackandwhite Portrait Ofureighalo Lagos Showcase: November
Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite Showcase: November
Blackandwhite Reycortez lagos portrait
Reycortez Ofureighalo Blackandwhite Lagos
Ofureighalo Blackandwhite Reycortez Lagos
HTC Hdrart HDR Reycortez Ofureighalo Lagos
Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Concert Photography
Blackandwhite Rey_Cortez Portrait
Ofureighalo Blackandwhite Reycortez
Trying something different. Ofureighalo Hdrart Hdr Edit
Ofureighalo Blackandwhite Reycortez Portrait
Ofureighalo Blackandwhite Portrait
Blackandwhite Portrait Ofureighalo
My Best Photo 2014
Hooded.Blackandwhite Portrait
Inner strength Portrait Blackandwhite
More from my tribal shoot featuring @isaacigwahi. MUA and styling by @malmoud_m. Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite
@tamedfoxx Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite
Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite
Never do yesterday what should be done tomorrow.... Model:@tom_donatello Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite
Trying some hdr in Abuja .. Ofureighalo HDR Htc1 Reycortez Abuja
@malmoud_m styled this tribal shoot. Great model to work with Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait
@tamedfoxx was great to work with.. Reycortez Ofureighalo Portrait Blackandwhite
@malmoud_m and his bro came through for this shoot... Twas late and fun as usual.. Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Good morning Lagos. Ofureighalo Reycortez Lagos Lookslikelagos instaLagos
Finally had to say goodbye to these krazy guyz.... Looooord! The havoc they wreaked..... ?????????. See u in GH in a few weeks time....
Maryam and Bola pre-wedding.. Always fun working with them Ofureighalo Reycortez Weddings
@juan_stills1 ????? I did my own too. Reycortez Ofureighalo Lagos Lookslikelagos instaLagos HTC HTC
Your Heritage Your Identity. Reycortez Ofureighalo Portrait Blackandwhite portrait
Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Yeah I lost it a little. Wud get it back tho .. Lagos Lookslikelagos InstaLagos . Ofureighalo reycortez HTC
Model:uche Reycortez Ofureighalo Portrait Blackandwhite
I just wanna rip off my head today. Aghhhh! Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait Blackandwhite
Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite
I have been lazy for sometime now . I hope the HDRs are still good. HDR Reycortez Ofureighalo Lagos lagosphoto lookslikelagos
NNBW Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Well that's how I painted it I'm my mind. Ofureighalo , Reycortez Lookslikelagos InstaLagos
@ijeeonuma and @lekeshades dropped by the studio the other day
It's been a while I did any HDR. Reycortez Ofureighalo Lagos
IIIURAD Ofureighalo Reycortez Portrait
Don't know why but it caught my eyes. Random Reycortez Ofureighalo InstaLagos lookslikelagos Lagos HTC 1
Take joy in What you do Ofureighalo Reycortez Childrenphotography Children
Always fun working with kids. Tiring tho!
more from Model: @silvadivo shoot. Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Have a great week. Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Lagos lookslikelagos
It was a beautiful day for pictures, could not resist. Ofureighalo Reycortez HTC Lookslikelagos Lagos
Back on the grind. Ofureighalo Reycortez HTC Lagos
Top of the morning Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite HTC
Ofureighalo Reycortez Blackandwhite Portrait
Portrait Blackandwhite Ofureighalo Reycortez
It's being a while. So here it is. HDR ojota, Lagos Ofureighalo Reycortez .
HDR Ofureighalo Reycortez Lagos lookslikelagos
Ofureighalo Reycortez Lagoscarnival Lagoscarnival HDR HTC
Throw back to last year's carnival Lagoscarnival Lagos HDR Ofureighalo reycortez
Good morning Lagos. Lagos Ofureighalo Reycortez HDR HTC
Sunset at lekki Lagos Sunset Reycortez Ofureighalo
HDR Lagos Reycortez Ofureighalo
In anticipation of this year's Lagoscarnival . Ofureighalo Reycortez HDR Lagos carnival
The hood. After HDR Lagos Ofureighalo Reycortez
S/O to @ramp_murd3r3r
Sun Set @ adeniji
Yeeeah it was a slow day........ i had to do something
Reach for it!
Make ur own tune this week. Kimmie Adams, model
As the sun sets after a crazy day..............in my head
I'm not a "church person" but i do appreciate the blessings I receive EVERY DAY. I would be nothing without HIM.
Bored on the way home
Thanks for the likes guyz
On my way back from work......... i just had to ?? Lagos Lagosmarina Unionbank HDR
Well wat can i say? I was bored ??
HAppy birthday to u bro @drummerboi07
Lagos Marina. Yep still HDR.
Lekki express way. I could not resist! ! Lagos HDR @lookslikelagos
Yeah I goof around. Bite me!
Guess I am addicted. Marina Lagos HDR
Civic centre HDR Lagos
Maryland tunnel HDR
Still on my HDR p! Yeah I; am an activity junkie. Lagos