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Beach Sunny Day Tenerife Ee_daily
I miss da Summer ! Streetphotography Fashion Architecture
Ee_daily Portrait Disney Paris
Traveling JustMe Brussels Streetphotography
Traveling Hangout Brussels Europe
Streetphotography Brussels Belgium Europe
Art Colorful 3D Painting
Traveling Streetphotography Sunset Sunshine
Streetphotography Europe Traveling Sunny Day
Cake Crown Yummy Food
Macarons Yummy Sweets #food #love Ee_daily
Belgium Waffle Delicious Sweets #food #love Waffles
Belgium Beer Beer Traveling Instadaily
Cute gallery-style Coffeeshop with lots of books and magazines. But most importantly, their Coffee was excellent! Düsseldorf
Latte Latteart for Coffee Break at Toykio :) !
The benefit of Living Life in Düsseldorf :) some good Japanese Food here! Ramen
JustMe Tenerife Fashion Europe
Selfie Santacruz Tenerife Ee_daily
Sunshine Holiday Tenerife Selfie
Light rainy and pieceful evening here in Santa Cruz Tenerife Today. A Lovely Jesus figure. The reflection was so beautiful I had capture an image!
After spending a day at the beach in the sun, ready for some food! The thick hot chocolate is super tasty here!