Nurul Asyikin Aziz


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it is time of the year :)
Hasil tuaian pokok depan rumah. Yesss!
Have you ever wonder what is it inside the shell?
Kaklong's wedding in Batu Pahat ;) Nurulamarwedding
*chicken dance*
I miss them so much. 3 weeks away from home is so depressing. Love Family
Nothing lasts forever. Appreciate others as there will be no tomorrow.
Please semua pergi bodyshop. 50 to 70% off with additional 10% if you are a member! How much would u pay for this? So cheap menangiss.
Next collections for @nongtalhah Ntclothing Inspiredbrand :) Nongtc
Grated mango with rojak sauce. Nama nk modern aje. Colekkk buohh sudeyh. Umibuat Anakmakan
Happy Mothers day to all mothers in the world. You are the greatest figure on earth. Mothersday
And finally sinking.. Texcutie
Orang perempuan bawak kereta mmg macam ni. Haih.
I'm wide awake cause my biggggg owner keep on teasing me. I hate her Kiyaboo
Hi semua. Ni gaya akrobatik saya yang kedua Kiyaboo
Kiyaboo tdur nak gaya akrobatik sajeeee Kiyaboo
Happy Mothers Day Umi. Early celebration sebab esok da kene balik keje. ♥♥♥♥ you!
Maharani of my life :) Happy mothers day umi :)
Kuantan View from Level 22 Zenith Tower
Sesiapa yg berminat untuk ada candy corner untuk any event, feel free to contact me. Hihihi.
Kasik chance ber-ootd skettt. On kaklong's big day Nurulamarwedding dress by @dreemika_ and flower crown by @jennkadir hewhewhew
Of fresh flowers again :) Nurulamarwedding
Always opt for fresh flowers :) Wear purple ur best purple attire then come to our event :) Nurulamarwedding
Someone is getting married :) Nurulamarwedding
Maka bertungkus lumus la semua orang ;) Wedding Nurulamarwedding
Kutip fresh flower from workplace. Hihi. Please tahan smpai 3 may. Freshflower Wedding
PPT baikkkk sgt ♥♥♥ siapa nak beli. Satu kupon rm45! Mehhhh beli. Coupon Parkson Gooddayreward Pptsb
This is how u should eat your mango. As a topping for your salad. Nyumss. Eatclean Healthymealsdrezani
Carboot sales Kuantan. Sesungguhnya pintu rezeki Allah itu amatlah luas. Alhamdulillahhh
Superlove the hi lo skirt from @dreemika_ hehehe. Lagi suka sbb free. Thanksss Dreemika
Please excuse the white and red thingy on my plate. Coz green is too mainstream. Lol Eatclean Healthymealsdrezani Lossweightjournal Lolsangattipuje
The grill marks is the main point here. Hihi good dinner happy tummy! Healthymealsdrezani
Lets wrap them up. Yumsssss.
Caramelized onion with chicken and squeeze of orange juice! Yay! Namanakpoyoaje Healthymealsdrezani Dinner
Yay my sweeeettt bedroom siap :) Decosyikin
Sedozen dinnerdate aku malam ni.
New color. New family member. Yay. Decosyikin
I cant recall when was the last time I put these jeans on. Tapi yang pasti, semua da muat semula hihi ♥♥♥♥♥
My new room that soooooooo me. After 26 years baru nak deco room that is soooo me. In sha Allah. Guess the color! Hihihi. Decosyikin
Breakfast time! Know ur calorie intake! Siapa kata takleh mkn karipap? Takleh mkn bihun goreng? Kemon mknn x bersalah, quantity that matters ♡♡♡ Poyosgtharini
Today's special. By today i mean two days ago. Hihi. Massiveupdate Phonebaruok
@ Bukit Gambang Waterpark Schoolholiday
My sweetheart @ Kula Cakes ♡♡♡
@ Kula Cakes, Jalan Besar, Kuantan
@ Bukit Gambang Safari Park, Kuantan
@ Kula Cakes, Jalan Besar, Kuantan Walldeco
@ Bukit Gambang Safari Park :)
Lunchdate with @tashazesha @irdamuse
Lunch @ Mee Celup Kerteh. Sgt sedap.