I keep too myself da name Ash'Cat all about me & mines striving for better days...
smiling cause i know god on myself
He wasn't laughing when his maw maw was going whoop him....!!!!!
My baby
Last day of school was with my Bae...!!!
On The Road
My heart
On The Road
Mrs.Rogers :-) <3
Ain't no nigga alive can take my bae place this boy is my everything oh and he give me his everything....cause I give him that 100%
This is one ugly pic I'm too unhappy rite now Goodnight....!!!
He threw that dam car at me lawd....!!!
Everything too meh...gotta love this boy!!!
Nanny baby & My Sis...!!!
That's my only way out cause if I don't cry I want make it cause ill be beating bitches...!!!
Me so happy me so tired...
In my own lil zone...god I need u rite now my thoughts & stuff ain't straight at all
Can't stop these tears mane I want it too go back too how it use too be me myself & I no problems I changed but then I changed again god I'm asking u too please help me I can't take this shut anymore god I just wanna be me just me idk but something tellin
Tears are something i haven't had a problem with...just idk why I'm crying!!!!
My TT Baby & Her Aunt....
She love her TT
My Heart
Happy 2 Months TT
My tears ain't worth this I keep asking myself y don't ppl just let me be I love my bae & whatever y'all trying too do aint working cause Ik who I love....!!!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
My Sis N Law & Nephew....
Me & My Bae....!!!
All :-)'s
Christmas Eve 2k12
& when this boy put his hands lips or anything on me even thinking bout him seeing him I love my bae...!!!
D.a catching a whooping
D.A crazy asx wanna take pics & ish...!!!
My friend & me....!!!
I'm bored & lonely and I'm mad now...!!!
I saw my ex ex ex ex ex ex friend last night and all I could do is smile he said come ride with me br I said hell nooo cause I could never disrespect my boyfriend...& with faith my future husband!!!!
It's hard too find my tears but with you hear ion know y they won't stop I keep saying too myself everything gone be ok cause I got faith in us but I realize y she don't like me and yet ion really care...!!!
He keep me smiling boo
Otp w/my beastie
Smile cause yeaaa bitch u sad
Just hope this next move I make be the right one...
I've learned too smile threw my pain even though I'm hurting....
Wishing he was here but I'm going see my love I miss him nd him holding me and kissing me going find my bae...!!!!
At home
At my house thinking bout the past focusing on my future life is too short and I'm just saying I love everybody even if they don't love me ion hate nobody cause I wasn't raised up a hater that's why I fight only if I have too but I use too fight for fun k
Wish she was here...
Lol I'm not gone give up on u...
This cute...
You can never have what I got get on my level then try....
Waiting on my bus....
I ain't got no worries...
My view lazy...
Bored at work....
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
So ugh rite now but if I turn around and walk away I'm never turning back and that's all I gotta say....!!!
I cry alone cause if I cry with you it want be rite Ik why I cry cause there them times I get pissed with you and idk why...
In my bed
MeMe hurting but still smiling
My Bae.
I mean doe please fuck with me but truth be told don't cause you can't...!!!!
After me & him had a talk bout this he do the same shit I don't feel badd anymore doe f!*@ it
This bishhh don't care so if u not down gtf that's how I'm fucking feeling....
School time....
& I mean that...!!!
Kutie Ms.Rogers 4life
Money is never a problem my way.....
Hmmm true
:-) updating my pics
Easter Day
Iriel La'shae
My TT & Me
His bday gift
My baby 5th bday
Me & my right hand I love this girl too pieces....
Ears my friend Dee bought me
TT Baby
My baby Payton
We chillin though
Fake Smile :/
Listening To Music
Thinking bout someone special...
My fucking brother one call he coming....
My sis & me