Nt Wong


I am Unknown person. Love shooting, love traveling, love my family, love my little boy. #Ordinary photography#
dancing woman
emu Emu Animal
Venice italy
Venice Palazzo
wedding shoes
wedding rings
wedding ring
bride with
Tree Full
Blond Hair
baby 's legs
brown bear
meerkat Meerkat
campo di grano
sand Beach Sea
flower head
Flower Poppy
Ice Rink Sport
lago Alleghe
ski 🎿
ski equipment
ski Mountain
Ice Hockey Book
leaf Tree Maple
garden Flower
Flower Head
cherry blossom
in the park
baby girl
palazzo ducale
Venice Italy
Venice Italy
City Young
City Smiling
Warm Clothing
baby girl
Spring season
flowers in
give me your
Light candle
Venice Travel
Portrait Multi
girl look up to
baby girl
playground Ball
hand on glass
kids was
baby girl look
Kid was
Multi Colored
angry girl
Baby Girl Child
baby girl one
oranges Blood
oranges Blood
hot chocolate
oysters Cold
City Water
City Cityscape
Venice grand
Venice at night
wine at
tulip Vase
tulip Tulip
Mestre City
baby DJ
baby in the
thinking moment
boy blowing
baby girl was
baby girl was
boy was playing
the boy 3.8Y
baby girl one
kid active at
woman flying
active at home
happy beautiful
half face of
boy eating
teddy bear toy
teddy bear toy
baby hand
Child Childhood
let ''s go
kids are
holding hand
kid walking on
boy is playing
kid in the park
girl is waiting

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