"Io avevo voglia di stare da solo, perché soltanto solo, sperduto, muto, a piedi, riesco a riconoscere le cose." - Pasolini-
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Close-up portrait of man
Close-up of text on table
Portrait of shirtless man against wall
Close-up of old seat in city
Rear view of man standing outdoors
Portrait of man wearing hat
Boy sitting against buildings in city
Full frame shot of illuminated lights
Close-up of silhouette on table at home
Full length of man playing music in city
Midsection of man working in basket
black background
human body part
focus on foreground
Close-up portrait of man wearing mask
Portrait of boy looking away against sky
Portrait of young woman in cage seen through chainlink fence
Portrait of mother and son
Full length of young man dancing against black background
Close-up portrait of woman
Portrait of a young man
Man sitting on chair at home
Statue of historic building against sky in city
Close-up portrait of young man holding smart phone
Side view of man sleeping on wall
Low section of person sitting on book
Portrait of silhouette man against sky during sunset
Close-up of old building
Rear view of couple sitting outside temple
Close-up of man eating food
Portrait of boy on beach against sky
Cropped image of man hand on beach
Low angle view of information sign on building
one person
Close-up portrait of young man
Midsection of man sitting at home
Statues on street in city against sky
Close-up of man making face
Portrait of mid adult man over black background
Portrait of mid adult man
Low angle view of man fishing in sea against sky
Young couple kissing in city
Woman standing in front of built structure
Close-up portrait of smiling boy at home
Portrait of smiling young woman sitting outdoors
Portrait of young woman sitting outdoors
Close-up portrait of young man
Side view of a man against window
Close-up of statue
Close-up portrait of beautiful young woman
Portrait of woman
High angle view of woman lying on floor
Close-up portrait of smiling boy
Close-up of mid adult man
Close-up portrait of woman
Close-up of mid adult man against black background
People riding bicycle on street at night
Portrait of a monkey
Midsection of man sitting in room
Close-up portrait of man
People in forest
Man standing at home
Man in bus
Close-up portrait of smiling young woman at home
Rear view of people at beach during sunset
Rear view of woman standing in train
Low angle view of historical building
Close-up portrait of man against black background
Close-up portrait of a serious young man
People at temple against sky
Rear view of man standing on boat in water
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up of mid adult man
Portrait of boy standing
Low section of woman wearing canvas shoes
Full length of a happy friends
Portrait of man against black background
Close-up of buddha statue
Boy in car
Portrait of young woman
Close-up portrait of boy
Men sitting outdoors
Close-up of boy playing
Close-up of bird on floor
Full length of man using mobile phone
Close-up of sleeping man
Portrait of father and son at home
Close-up of text on wall
Portrait of man
Horse in front of building
Close-up side view of a car
Close-up of cross
High angle view of bread on wood